Day Date Year Closings Amount Type Note
Fri Nov 01 2019 Closed xxx Wind Strong 990mb low moved across great lakes. Brought round of severe weather to northeast US Thursday night. Tornado watch/warnings PA-SC. Svr Ts & Flood watches/warnings NY. Overnight temperatures surged to 70s across east NY - 73@kpou - just before midnight 10/31 record high. Cold front passed~12AM. Maximum Ulster County Overnight wind gusts 10/31 into 11/1 were 37@Claryville&Highfalls, 50@Wallkill per NYSMesonet. 42@Rhinebeck. Onteora closed due to outages/trees. Rondout and Kingston initially 2hr delay Friday due to power outages & storm damage. Rondout upgraded to closing due to downed trees and power outages. Kingston also upgraded to closing @7AM, likely influenced by ongoing storm damage, but publicly cited on facebook the reason as: "Out of an abundance of caution, the Kingston City School District made the decision to close schools today after consulting with the Kingston Police Department about an ongoing investigation in the City of Kingston. The safety and security of our students is our number one priority, as always." following a homicide thursday 10/31 night in the immediate vicinity of KHS. Likely would have remained a delay without the investigation, but this is uncertain. ~13k Ulster County central hudson customers w/o power @6am Friday. ~4k of these in towns serviced by KCSD. Estimated restoration by early afternoon in most areas. https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FKingstonCSD%2Fposts%2F2756208294429929&width=500 MAX KINGSTON GUST: 38MPH
Tue Nov 12 2019 none ~0.5" Snow S@~530am, Rain/Freezing Rain. Transitioned to snow by 7AM. Ended at 9AM. Strong cold front swept across the central and eastern US. Strong baroclinic plume of precip Texas to Maine. Rain on leading edge from TX to ME, snow on backside from TX/OK to ME. 6 to 12 inches across upstate NY. Temps reached 50 Monday afternoon. Fell through evening. Cool air pooling in Ulster County lowlands including High Falls/Wallkill/Kingston > below freezing by 10PM. Higher elevations warmer - Tannersville > still in 40s at 10PM. Precip likely started as rain/freezing rain. Roads didn't ice in Kingston. Tannersville, Onteora, and Saugerties issued 2hr delays at 5:30AM, 5:20AM, & 5:35AM. Wet snow stuck to all surfaces, including some parking lots, except roadways in Kingston. Saugerties upped to closing at 815am. Snow ended at 9AM. Millbrook issued ED @ 9AM. Pine Plains cancelled after school activities @945AM. If started earlier, Kingston roads would have been more impacted, and likely delay with possible upping to closing. Physically in Philadelphia for this storm. Estimate of 0.5" based on NWS reports of 0.4 in Ulster Park, 0.7 in Rosendale, and 0.8 in Red Hook. Record cold followed Tuesday night - 120 year old November 13th record low @Mohonk Lake broken.
Mon Nov 18 2019 none none black ice Coastal storm brought patchy drizzle / freezing drizzle to easter NY Monday AM. Rondout, onteora, ellenville, livingston manor, and trivalley 2hr delays r/t reports of black ice. NWS winter weather advisory from 4AM for ulster county - allowed to expire in easter UC before 10AM… 12PM W UC.
Tue Nov 19 2019 none ~0.4" Snow Drizzle/light rain throughout monday became steadier after 12AM Tuesday. Transitioned to snow Tuesday morning. Te,ps Monday steady 35-37F, and fell to ~32 around 5AM Tue. Snow continued in Kingston through about 9AM Tue. About half an inch across Ulster County. Up to 3 inches in eastern Dutchess - about half inch in western Dutchess. Numerous delays in Dutchess county, none in Ulster County. Ulster County snow generally limited to grassy surfaces. Kingston estimate of 0.4" based on NWS totals of 0.2" in Highland, 0.5" near Hurley (Bloomington), 0.4" in Wappingers Falls, and 0.5" in Red Hook.
Mon Dec 2 2019 Closed See Dec 3 Snow Storm Started Dec 1, Ended Dec 3. See Dec 3.
Tue Dec 3 2019 Closed ~12.0" Snow S@1pm Sun Dec 1. Moderate Snow Sun afternoon. Accumulated to about 3 to 5 inches by 7PM Sun. Transition to light sleet/ice crystals late evening through overnight. KPOU light freezing rain/drizzle 5pm - 1am. Lull 1am - 3am. Light snow with only light accumulations after 4AM on Mon. Light snow throughout monday with afternoon lull as main storm band arched from Capital district - central NY - Northern NJ. Main band shifted back over midHudson Valley around 7PM Mon with heavy snow through 2AM. Heavy area accumulations of 5 to 10 inches during this time.
Wed Dec 11 2019 None ~0.7" Snow Rain Tue afternoon/evening changed over to snow Tuesday night. Temps max=51 Tue, ~40@7pm, 32@~12AM, AM min=27. Snow precip end@~1am in High Falls & Red Hook, @~430a in Wallkill. Total based on reports of 0.7@Hurley, 0.8@Rhinebeck, 1.0@Ulster Park, 2.0@Esopus&Highland. Ulster County Max=2.5 in Plattekill. Rondout, Ellenville, Pinebush, Wallkill, Marlboro, Highland, NewPaltz delays.
Tue Dec 17 2019 Closed ~1.3" Snow/ice Snow S@~1am, light snow through morning. Snow transition to sleet/ice between 7am and 9am. Light freezing rain 9am through early afternoon. Ended at 5pm. Baroclinic zone zone set up texas to NJ. Low developed along and transitioned from midwest to northeast. All Ulster County schools closed/most region. All snow accumulation done by about 7/8am. Then icing throughout day. Kingston total of 1.2 based on NWS ALY snow reports of: 2.2 Phonecia@604am, 1.0 West Shokan@451am, 1.3 Esopus@700am, 1.0 Highland@7am, 1.2 RedHook@7am. Ice: 0.30 Dutchess County Airport@715pm, 0.20 Highland@1227pm, T Woodstock@10am. Specifically, (1.3sno+0.2ice)[Esopus],(1.0sno+~0.2ice)[Highland],[1.2snow+~Tice)[RedHook]. Kingston estimate includes likely icing. Radar analysis suggests precip over Kingston ended around 3pm.
Mon Jan 6 2020 None Trace Snow Brief period of very light snow/flurries between about 1am and 8am. Trace of snow on cars in Kingston. About 0.2 inches toward Newburgh. All completely melted by mid morning. Radar analysis suggests precip over Kingston 1:30-2am, 3:10-3:40am, and 9:45-10:10am. No confirmed snowfall/accumulation during 9:45-10:10am period.
Sat Jan 18 2020 None 3.6 Snow S@~2pm, E@9pm. AM temps in low teens (14@KPOU), around 20 as storm started, mid-20s as storm ended. Roads coated. Some caking r/t cold temps/travel. Temps rose slighltly over night (31@KPOU@6AM). Allowed main/secondary roads to clear relatively well. Broadway snow covered during storm to mainly wet by 12AM. Some secondary roads with caked snow through AM. Prob 40% of delay the following day if not weekend.
Thu Feb 6 2020 Delay ~0.2 Sleet/ice S@1@, E~7a. Precipitation across the area ranged from 0.19 inches in Wallkill to 0.40 inches in High Falls. Based on local webcams, it like the area picked up about 0.1 to 0.2 inches of freezing rain from 1AM to 7AM. All UC districts delay except, Onteora/Livingston Mannor/Trivalley closed. Pine Bush no impact.
Mon Feb 10 2020 Closed ~2.3 Snow S@12a,E~7a. MaxTemp ~30 on Sunday. Fell to 28/29 Sunday evening. Precip move in ~12a. Temps 30-32 12a through 6a @ HighFalls. Red Hook rose to 32@230, steady through 8a. 5am QPF = 0.31@HighFalls & 0.18@Red Hook. Snow continue through about 7/8am before transitioning to liquid. Steady precip through 10a. Kingston estimate of 2.3" based on NWS PNS of 2.0 in Red Hook and 2.6 in Esopus.
Thu Feb 13 2020 Delay ~0.8 Snow S@~12a,R@~4/5a. MaxTemp 40-45 on Wed. Fell to 38@8p Wed. Precip move in around 12a likely as very wet snow. Wet snow through about 4/5a. Rain on NYSMesonet Webcams by 5am. Rain through AM. Temps only fell to 32 for duration of snow. Temps 32 to 34 for late morning rain. Some parking lot and car accumulations evident on NYS Thurway Exit 19 Webcam at the Police barracks. Main roads likely clear/wet. Probably some slush/slick conditions on side roads - especially untreated ones. All UC schools delay except Marlboro, Wallkill, Highland, New Paltz. Kingston accumulation based on 0.9 reported in south West Hurley and 0.6 in Ulster Park. Accumulation biased toward higher end of range as reports were from ~730a - at least 2hrs after changeover despite temps remaining 32 to 34.
Wed Feb 19 2020 None ~0.1 Snow Overnight with light dusting Wednesday AM. Estimate based on reports of 2.2"@phonecia@608am, 0.2"@2milesWNWRosendale@7AM, and 0.1"@2miles@Hurley@7AM. Radar precip revealed Kingston intermittent precip 10:15pm-11:15pm 2/18 and 1:30am-4:30am 2/19
Fri Mar 13 2020 Closed xxx COVID-19 From KCSD homepage: The Kingston City School District will be closed on Friday, March 13, 2020, due to a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the KCSD community per the Ulster County Department of Health. We will monitor the situation closely and send more information as it becomes available over the weekend. Wallkill and Pine Bush closed for same reasons. Ellenville "postponing all indoor after school events with mass gatherings through the end of March". Rondout, Onteora, and Margaretville already closed for superintendent conferences
Monday March 16th through End of School Year 2020 Closed xxx COVID-19 ALL Ulster, Dutchess, and Orange County schools closed for 14 days beginning March 16th by order of the respective County Executives due to COVID-19. City of Kingston declared State of Emergency 3/13. KCSD announces "phase one" of "online instruction" to "familiarize your student with the sites, resources and instructional materials that will be available to them, as well as review some of the material that has already been taught and learned". The phase is "mainly an independent and self-directed phase". All NYS schools subsequently closed til April 15th by the Governor on March 27th. April 2: KCSD moves to "phase 2" of "distance learning plan" which "entail students receiving new instruction from their teacher(s) through Microsoft TEAMS and in pencil and paper packets". State/school closures extended to April 29th on April 6th. All closures extended to May 15th on April 16th. On Friday May 1: "In his press briefing today, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he is enacting an executive order to close all schools in New York State for the remainder of the school year … For now, students should continue working on Distance Learning. Keep checking Email and Teams daily and reaching out to teachers and staff with questions. Make sure to read the Fourth Quarter Grading Plan that was sent out and is available on our website."
Mon Mar 23 2020 Already closed due to COVID ~2.0 Snow between about 1pm and 7pm. Temperatures hovering right around 32 per NYS mesonet. Initially only grass sticking per NYS thruway cams, but eventually coated parking lots in evening. No road treatment - reports of very slick roadways by evening with accidents. Very rough estimate based on NWS reports. Direct observations several days later suggested a fair amount of ice pellets/sleet.
Fri Apr 10 2020 Already closed due to COVID 0.0 Snow Brief early morning flurries/snow showers. Brief trace on some leaves/grass per pictures taken in Kingston. Accumulating snow out toward Catskills. Radar estimate precip: 5am - 5:20am and 9am-940am.
Sat Apr 18 2020 xxx 1.7 Snow Start @11pm Friday, End@9:45am Saturday. Kingston: 1.7 inches flat wooden bench. 1.1 inches on the car. Less than an inch on all other surfaces. Kingston's 3rd largest April snowfall since at least December 2004.
Sat May 9 2020 xxx 0.0 Snow Rain Friday evening changed to snow as storm tapered off. Poughkeepsie reported "light snow" in two hourly reports: 11:53pm Friday and 12:50am Saturday. Rain changed to light snow slightly later in Kingston - around 12:15/30am, and continued through about 12:50/1am. Wide spread regional showers behind the storm Saturday during the day - brief snow shower moved through Kingston between about 1:30pm and 1:45pm. Intermittent snow showers across region throughout afternoon with stronger bursts in Kingston around 5pm and 7pm. Trace accumulation on grass/some trees in some hills outside of Kingston, including in Esopus. Snow reported in Central Park - tied its latest snow. Prior to May 9, 2020 the last may measurable May snowfall at Albany and Mohonk Lake was May 18, 2002. For Poughkeepsie, between May 1996 and May 2019, the only May snowfall report was a single hour of "light snow" reported at 10AM May 18, 2002.
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