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Day Date Year Closings Amount Type Note
Thu-Fri Nov. 15-16 2018 Closed 9.5 Snow S@445pm. Extremely heavy snow. 2"@615pm. 6.3"@8pm. 8.5"@915pm. 9.5"@1045pm. Widespread 6 to 12 inches. Per NYSMesonet High Falls, QPF: 0.25"@615pm. 0.59"@8pm. 0.74"@915pm. 0.86"@1045pm. =snow ratios 8-11.5:1. Temps 26-28 prior fell to 22-24 with precip arrival. 9.5 inches 445pm to 1045pm. Solid lull 10:45pm to 12:30am. Light ice crystals/icy sleet 12:30am onward. 0.4 inch sleet on cleared snowboard 12am - 6am. Wrap around snow/sleet 6am to 830am with sleet changing back to snow at 630am and an additional 0.8 inches snow. Total accumulation 9.5inch Thursday + 1.2 inch Friday, but snow compacted after 12am with 8am snow depth at 9.3" - never exceeded 9.5". All Ulster County School ED on Thursday except Kingston/Saugerties. All Ulster County schools closed friday. Side roads heavily caked @11pm-12am assessment. Even when plowed. Broadway slushy. Prob 2hr delay if all ended at 10:45pm. If temperature were colder would have caked more ^ impact probs. All roads snowy Friday AM. Cutoff ULL moved from ArkLaTex to KY pulling large swath of heavy precip from FL/GA up east coast/Applachians and wrapping around into OH/IN/IL. Precip entered Northeast thursday with coastal low developing along carolinas + tracking up E.Coast. Leading North east precip presented as broad arc from OH to MA with significant frontogenesis. "As of 945 PM EST, very heavy snowband earlier this evening pummeled the mid Hudson Valley, Litchfield County CT, and the SE Catskills with a very quick 6-10 inches of snow (if not locally higher). Strong mid level frontogenetical forcing and isentropic lift at the nose of a east/southeast low level jet likely contributed to the intensity of this band. However, as it slowly tracked north, overall intensity weakened." -AFD NWS ALY 119 AM EST Fri Nov 16 2018
Mon Nov. 19 2018 No Impact Trace Sleet Trace sleet 12am - 2am before change over to cold rain. Narrow baroclinic stripe of precip from midwest. Rain through 9am
Thu Dec. 13 2018 No Impact Trace Snow, Sleet S@~940am, E@~245pm. Weak dry clipper disturbance moved through NY dropping very light snow. Temps in upper 20s. Dusting on everything. Measured at just under 1/16 inch on snowboard.
Mon Dec. 24 2018 No Impact 0.1 Snow S@2am, E@~8am. Very light snow overnight. Accumulations mainly on non-roads.
Sun Dec. 30 2018 No Impact 0.4 Snow S@~7am, E@~9am. Coating on all surfaces. Powdery. Temp 24 - 26. "quick burst of snow occurring for areas along and south/east of the I-90/I-88 corridors associated with the fast moving upper level impulse tracking through." -AFDALY 821 AM EST Sun Dec 30 2018
Thu Jan. 3 2019 No Impact 0.6 Snow S@1130pm, E@~3am. Clipper moved through upstate NY. Moisture south of clipper triggered snow showers. Moderate snow burst around/after midnight. taper around 3am. Light drizzle 4am through about 7am. Temperatures initially 29/30. Initial burst stuck to roadways, but roads melted by 5am. Highfalls/redhook report 30/31 at 5am. Only onteora delay
Tue Jan. 8 2019 Delay 0.2 Snow S@1am, E@~4am. Light coating of snow on all surfaces. Salted roads largely clear by 8am with snow remaining on all curbs and shoulders. Temps in mid 20s. All UC schools delay except marlboro and margaretville (?).
Fri Jan. 18 2019 Delay 0.4 Snow S@12a, E@~4a. Light snow coating on all surfaces. Temps in low-mid 20s
Sun Jan. 20 2019 xxx 7.4 Snow S@4:30p SAT Jan. 19. Snow continued through night. Approx: 0.5@7pm, 4.3@115a, 5.9@330a. Snow changed to pure sleet at 330a. Sleet continued at varying intensities through AM. 7.0@9am. Brief dry slot/lull. Residual/wrap around sleet/snow @10A to 3pm. Final total 7.4 inches with 0.13in ice accretion. Roads snow covered through 330a. Plows generally able to keep roads drivable overnight. After 330am change over to sleet/ice plowed roads with some snow became VERY slick. Roads either had caked snow or light glaze of ice/snow. Temps in mid-upper 20s during storm. Roads slick through Sunday. Sunday night low -3 in High Falls Mesonet. Roads roads continue to be snow/ice covered through Monday - Monday MLK Holiday but would have been no school. High Falls Mesonet high 11 on Monday. Slick/snow caked roads persist through Tuesday morning. Delay Tuesday morning due to continued road conditions and low temperatures ((Wind Chill Advisory 6PM Sunday - 7AM Tuesday)).
Tue Jan. 22 2019 Delay - Road Conditions / Cold See Sunday January 20, 2019
Tue Jan. 29 2019 Closed 9.1 Snow S@8:30a, E@10:30p. Baroclinic zone moved through. Temperatures 10 to 12 degrees from 12AM to 6AM. Up to 15 degrees at 8am. Steady light snow began at 8:30am. Coating by 9am. Light snow through morning. Temp up to 25@12p. Peak 28@6p. Became steady at moderate pace by afternoon. Heavy snow with large snowflakes in evening r/t increased 850mb frontogenesis ahead of cold front. About 5in@7PM. 9in@9PM. Began to taper off around 10pm. 9.1in@10:30pm. End. Temp 28@11p. All Ulster County Schools closed.
Wed Jan. 30 2019 Closed 0.2 Snow Residual from day before. Initially a delay for all UC schools - roads generally clear by late morning. Strong squall line forecast to develop and move through region 2pm to 4pm. Margaretville, Livingston Mannor, and TriValley remained 2hr delays, but cancelled after school activities. Kingston, Saugerties, Onteora, Rondout, New Paltz, Highland, Ellenville, and Wallkill upgraded to closing due to delay + impending Squall threat. PineBush and Marlboro had delays AND then dismissed early. Squall Warning issued @230pm for all counties along west side of Hudson River and northern half of New Jersey. Squall moved through Kingston at 3:25pm. Intense snowfall with strong winds. Solid whiteout with <300ft visibility. Roads coated with snow. Ended by 3:40. IF NO SQUALL WOULD HAVE BEEN A DELAY. Due to post-Jan23 snowstorm temperatures too warm. Temps Jan 23 in upper 20s through storm. 28 degrees @ 1am, 24@3am, 20@5am. Low 13@730am. Rebound to 19@10am, 23@12pm, 27@3pm, 24.3@3:25pm, 19.2@3:40pm, 13@6pm
Thu Jan. 31 2019 Delay - Road Conditions / Cold Lingering affects from 1/30. Snow from 1/30 squall + some residual from 1/29 left many side roads slick. Roads clear by am due to sunshine despite cold temps.
Tue Feb. 12 2019 Closed 4.4 Snow S@930a. Transition to sleet/ice pellets@230p. Lull ~7pm - 12am. End@330a Wed. Accumulations all before changeover. No additional depth after change over. Freezing drizzle tuesday night with glaze of ice on cars. NYS Mesonet High Fall total QPF=0.93 inches.
Wed Feb. 13 2019 Delay - Road Conditions Lingering affects from 2/12. All Ulster County schools delay except Onteora - closed. Roads in decent shape by about 9am.
Sun Feb. 17 2019 No Impact 2.8 Snow S@9pm. Dry slot at@530am - per NYS Mesonet High Falls. 2.2 inches / Light mist at 7am. Pulse of residual moisture 7:45a - 9:15a with lingering residual light snow produced 0.6 inches measured at 1030a. Monday President's Day and all schools already closed. Likely would have been a cancellation r/t timing.
Wed Feb. 20 2019 Early Dismissal 1.1 Snow
Thu Feb. 21 2019 Delay - Road Conditions See Feb 20 2019. Road clear by mid morning.
Mon Feb. 25 2019 No Impact 31 mph Wind High Wind event sunday night through monday. High wind warning through Monday evening. "Winds…West 25 to 35 mph with gusts up to 65 mph" per Warning. Kingston: Average sustained wind speed 7 mph. Maximum sustained wind speed 21mph.. Maximum gust 31 mph. Scattered power outages throughout Ulster County. Onteora and Rondout delayed due to power and trace snow overnight. Tannersville closed due to power out. Two Wappingers elementary schools closed due to power out. Only wind analog in record was September 7, 2011 (Tropical Storm Lee).
Wed Feb. 27 2019 No Impact 1.2 Snow S@1:30pm. Light but steady snow. Continued until about 3am. No early dismissal
Thu Feb. 28 2019 Delay —- Snow See February 27, 2019
Fri Mar. 01 2019 No Impact 0.5 Snow S@5:30a, E@7:30a. Stuck to roadways. Onteora and rondout delayed due to slightly earlier start time. If had started earlier = likely delay due to timing.
Sat Mar. 02 2019 No Impact 0.4 Snow S>3a, E@~7a?
Mon Mar. 04 2019 Delay 4.8 Snow S@6:30pm Sunday. E@3:30a Mon. Temps=40 sun afternooon. Fell to 30-32 Sun night. Wet snow. Didn't stick to roads until about 10pm. Roads wet to slushy. Sticky snow on branches. 4 to 5 inch totals across ulster county. 5 to 10 inch band across lower hudson valley.
Sun Mar. 10 2019 No Impact 2.3 Snow Wet morning snow. Ended by mid day
Fri Apr. 5 2019 No Impact 0.8 Snow Post event time analysis showed radar reflectivities overspreading mid hudson valley around 11am - KALB/KPOU hourly obs suggest actual start time of 1pm. Transition to rain 4pm in KPOU & 6/7pm in KALB. Kingston reflectivities end ~1am Kingston… KPOU hourly obs with light rain through 5am.. KALB light rain obs through 11pm.
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