Winter 2016-2017
Total Snowfall Delays Early Dismissals Cancellations Snow events* 1+" 3+" 6+"
60.4 7 1 6 20 11 6 2

*note: measurable snow events
Updated 9/3/17

Day Date Year Closings Amount Road Amount Type Note
Thu Oct. 27 2016 None 1.3" 0.0" Snow S@6am - flurries. Light snow. Began sticking to deck around 7am. 8am: coating on wood deck and grass. Steady snow through 12pm. Occasional mixing with sleet. 1.3" around 12pm. Light coating on driveway. Steady snow and sleet through 2pm - no additional accumulations. Change to rain at 2pm. Steady rain through evening. Temps initially around 34-35 at 6am. 31-35 for duration of frozen precip
Mon Dec. 5 2016 Delay 2.2" Snow S@, E@8am Storm Reports
Wed Dec. 7 2016 None 0.6" Snow S(rain)@730p Tue, transition snow@10p, transition to drizzle@2am
Mon Dec. 12 2016 No School 3.9" 3.9" Snow S@5pm Sun, E@7am Mon. Light snow with periodic lulls sunday evening (0.5" by 12am). Moderate snow after 1am. All roads coated. Morning low of 15 on Sunday, High 32. Temps~27 at snow onset. Up to 32/33 by 7am. Rapid warm air advection up Hudson Valley. All Dutchess County schools delayed. All Ulster County Closed (Marlboro - delayed) Storm Reports
Tue Dec. 13 2016 No Impact 0.9" 0.0" Snow S@7pm Tue, E@12am Wed. Very light snow, coated all surfaces except blacktop/concrete. Temps ~32 for event. Fell to 26 overnight. 29 by 8am. No impact wed (Ellenville- delay) Storm Reports
Sat Dec. 17 2016 xxx 5.5" 5.5" Snow S@1am as periodic light snow with dusting, steady snow began at 3am. Four inches by 9am. Mix with sleet at 10am. Total of 5.5 inches and taper off at 11am. Storm Reports
Mon Dec. 26 2016 xxx Glaze Glaze Ice Temperatures slow to rise that evening. Continuous mist/light drizzle = light glaze of ice mainly limited to snow pack, driveways, and side roads. Video link:
Thu Dec. 29 2016 xxx 3.8 3.8 Snow S@8am, E@3pm Storm Reports
Fri Jan. 6 2017 No Impact 0.1 0.1 Snow Overnight. Powdery. Light coating on all surfaces including road. Millbrook and Dutchess Day School delay in Dutchess County
Sat Jan. 7 2017 xxx 0.1 0.1 Snow Winter storm Louisiana-VA-NJ-ME.
Sun Jan. 8 2017 xxx Trace Snow On cars and driveways
Wed Jan. 11 2017 Delay 0.1 0.1 Ice Rain after midnight. Froze on contact with ground. Up to 0.1 inch ice on side roads. Possibly some light snow accumulation also
Wed Jan. 18 2017 Delay 0.0 0.0 Rain? Roads just wet. No snow accumulation. Unexpected
Tue Jan. 24 2017 No School 1.8 1.5 Sleet S@5pm mon. 1.7" through AM. Taper ~5/6am Tue. All sleet (ice pellets). Tue am rain showers. Light rain late Tue afternoon. Transition to snow/sleet around 6pm. Additional 0.1" frozen precip in evening. All end by 9pm. Storm Reports
Tue-Wed Jan. 31 - Feb 1 2017 Earl Dismissal/ Delay 2.3 Snow S@930am. ED Jan 31. First of two "conjoined" clippers. See Delay Feb 1, 2017. Clear skies at 6am. Rapid clouds. Coating on all surfaces by 10am. Overnight low 17, early morning low 20s, event mid 20s. Steady snow through 4pm. Most accumulation through 4pm. Steady light snow 4pm through 10pm. Taper at 10pm. Side roads slushy during late afternoon. Recoated with light snow during evening. Powdered at 10pm. Total snow Jan 31: 1.9"
Snow S@~1230am. Delay Feb 1. Second of two "conjoined" clippers. See ED Jan 31, 2017. E@~~3/4am? All surfaces coated at 5am. Clear skies@5am. Total snow Feb 1: 0.4**
Tue Feb. 7 2017 Delay <0.1 Ice S@6a. Light rain through 7am. Froze on contact with ground. Resulted in complete glaze on driveways and cars. Surface temps ~28. Steadier rain redeveloped around noon and persisted through the evening. All Ulster County schools delay. Saugerties upgrade to cancellation due to light freezing drizzle continuing after 7am. WWA in effect for whole region.
Thu Feb. 9 2017 No School 9.8 Snow S@4am, E@2pm. Developing nor'easter moving off Delmarva brought heavy snow to entire region. Reports of up to 12 inches from Albany to the City. Highest amounts across Longs Island(Blizzard Warnings). Snow advanced SW to NE between, exited W to E. Sustained snowfall rates 1+ inch per hour. NWS storm reports cited 12.0" '3-miles S of Kingston' (Port Ewen/Esopus) and 10.5 from Kingston Weathernet6(Washington Ave?). Multiple Glen Street samplings in more wind protected areas failed to identify any 10+ inch measurements, and drift regions ranged from 8" to 11". Local NWS obs included Cottekill 12.7", Saugerties 8", Esopus 9", Red Hook 9"
Fri Feb 10 2017 No School See Feb 9, 2017 Poor roads from day before. All schools initially delay - Kingston, NP, Wallkill, Highland, and Marlboro upped to closing. Light powdery snow falling at prolonged rates 1+ inch/hr resulted in significant caking on road ways through Friday morning. Snow stopped at 2pm Thursday. By 10pm Friday virtually all roads had significant caking including Broadway. Some side roads barely plowed. Roads not clear til noon Friday. Unprecedented in 13 year archive that a <10" storm ending at 2pm should cancel school the following day.
Sat Feb 11 2017 xxx 1.0 Snow S@~8p Fri, E@~3a Sat. NW - SE moving clipper brought 1 to 2 inches to most of north and east NYS
Sun Feb 12 2017 delay 5.5 Snow S@~8a. Steady snow/sleet through 2pm. Light Sleet 2pm through 7pm with lulls. Largely taper off by 8pm. Light batch of snow ~2am Mon - 4am Mon. Wet snow. Roads slushy opposed to caking. Typical delay Monday. All UC schools delay. Onteora upped to closing due to continued lak effect/wrap around snow showers extending from west NY.
Fri Mar 3 2017 No Impact 0.1 Snow S@445p, E@530p. Brief snow squalls with locally intense rates.
Fri Mar 10 2017 No Impact 2.8 Snow S@430a, E@~1130a. Baroclinic zone extended from upper plains - worked into Northeast. Trigger for wide spread <6" snowfall. Heaviest snows south of MHV. All Ulster County Schools closed except Rondout and Kingston. Snow fell too light initially to stick to roads. Some slick spots but poor timing for school impact in kingston. Record high temp day before ~60 - roads never got super cold?
Tue Mar 14 2017 No School 18.0 Snow S@1a, E@~5p StormTotals
Wed Mar 15 2017 No School See March 14, 2017
Thur Mar 16 2017 Delay See March 14, 2017
Sat Mar 18 2017 xxx ~0.5 Snow S@~5p. Out of town. Totals based on NWS obs of 0.5 Rosendale & 1.9 Phoenicia.
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