Winter 2013-2014
Total Snowfall Delays Early Dismissals Cancellations Snow events* 1+" 3+" 6+"
64.26" 6 1 11 25 13 5 4

*note: measurable snow events

Day Date Year Closings Amount Road Amount Type Note
Saturday November 23 2013 xxx 0.1" 0.00" Sn Arctic cold front moved through the northeast bringing the coldest air of the season. Numerous lake effect snow showers across entire northeast as far as Long Island. Snow showers and scattered squalls associated. Reports of snow squalls affecting Woodstock around 5p and 10p. Reports of coated roads in Woodstock during 10p squall. Any snow coating in Kingston only lasted about an hour. Kingston received brief snow showers and possibly a brief squall between 5p and 10p, with reports of a coating on cars and grass. Small patches of snow remained in shady grassy areas through the 25th. Temperatures on the 23rd fell from 52@12a, 35@7p, 32@9p, 27@11p. DewPts fell from 41@12a to 9@11p. Radar
Tuesday November 26 2013 No School 0.5" 0.3 Sn S@~4a, Taper off around 6am. Initial clipper-type system enhanced precip development over PA to New England. Flurries at 6a. Some compression/melt between 6a and 7a. Flurries/light snow showers throughout morning, but no additional accumulation. Lull between 7a and 12p, snow showers picked back up around 12p through 4p, transition to drizzle by 5p. New round associated with precip development ahead of approaching nor'easter. General melt during day based of surface temp with patches of non-melt. Kingston initially issued two hour delay. Slick and coated roads at 7a. Overnight snow was not anticipated, and there was no salting of roadways. Broadway messy until about 8a or 9a. Kingston upgraded to no school at 8a due to slick untreated back roads and walkways. Untreated/travel surfaces remained coated until about 9am. Similar amounts in Poughkeepsie.
Friday December 6 2013 xxx 1.2" 0.50" Sl/Sn Rain change over to sleet/ice pellets@8:15p, snow@~10p, begin to taper@~12a. ~0.2" Sleet/Ice pellets, 1.0" snow.
Monday December 9 2013 No School 0.3" 0.2" Sl/Fr S@11p as Sl/FrDrizzle. 0.2" Sleet, 0.1" Ice glaze. Drizzle/Freezing drizzle through ~3a through 11a. Two hour delay, upped to closing at 9a.
Tuesday December 10 2013 No School 1.2" 0.5" Black Ice/Snow S@830a. National Weather Service forecast of "Snow likely, mainly before 3pm. Cloudy, with a high near 33. West wind 6 to 8 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%. Total daytime snow accumulation of 1 to 2 inches possible." (Kingston grid forecast of 1.2" between 7am and 1pm, 0.3" through 5pm. 20% at 6am, up to 60-70% 9a-2p, 25%@5p. Temps forecast to hold steady arround 32/31. Patchy black ice from day before possibly a factor, but roads were all just wet leading up to 6am. 3a-6a temps 33-31. All Ulster schools closed. Onteora&saugerties delay (black ice) upped to closing.
Thursday December 12 2013 No impact Trace 0.00" Snow Trace of snow on cars from overnight hours. Subfreezing temperatures kept undisturbed trace around until Thursday evening.
Sat-Sun December 14-15 2013 xxx 8.5" 8.5" Snow S@~4a. E@~11a. 0.2" by 5a, 1.2" by 12p, 2.2" by 4p. 5.5" by 8p. Light sleet/freezing drizzle @3a. Flurries through 11a. Low tracked from central plains-ohio valley- long island. widespread 6-12 inch snowfall across NY/New England. Powdery— temps in the mid 20s to upper 20s.
Tuesday December 17 2013 No School 4.0" 4.0" Snow S@~7a, E@~6p. Low pressure weakened over Ohio valley, second low formed off Delmarva. Tracked just south of Long Island and NE Tuesday evening. WWA from 5a to 7p. Very powdery— Poughkeepsie reported low of 2@4a— lowest December temp since Dec. 23, 2008. Began sticking to roads immediately, roads snow covered by 9am. Poor road conditions throughout rest of day. Roads very poor through 10p… possibly related to powdery nature. @10p: side roads up to 2 inches of snowy slush mess that wasn't being plowed, main roads (broadway/washington: extensive snow caked on to roadway. Kingston, Onteora, Saugerties, Ellenville, Arlington closed. New Paltz, Highland, Marboro, Wallkill early dismissal.
Wednesday December 18 2013 Delay 0.0" <1.0" Snow Affects of December 17, 2013 Cancellation.
Tuesday December 24 2013 xxx 0.6" 0.25" Snow S@630p,E@700p. Small burst of snow associated with cod front developed across mid hudson valley. Tracked southeastward toward lower NY. Temperatures fell from ~30 during snow to lower 20s within the following hours. Slick road conditions and black ice widespread. Up to 1.75 in Poughkeepsie.
Thursday December 26 2013 xxx 0.2" 0.1" Snow S@~10a, E@~11a. Clipper moved through NY/NE. Touched off light snow. Brief, light snow in mid-hudson valley between 10am and 11am. Light coating on some roads in immediate after-period, but no real impact.
Tuesday December 31 2013 xxx 0.2" 0.2" Snow Clipper with weak arctic front moved through northern NY. Light flurries after 11a. Continued as light flurries and snow showers through the evening. Beautiful sun flurries/snow showers through the afternoon as clouds never completely covered the sky, or were particularly thick… nimbostratus to altostratus.
Thursday January 2-3 2014 No School See Cancellation January 3, 2014 Snow S@~8p Wed., E@~8a Fri… Advancing warm front from Central Mississippi Valley low resulted in W-E band of snow developing from Missouri/Illinois through PA/NY from Ulster/Dutchess north to capital district/Mohawk valley. Flurries and snow showers produced a solid coating on all surfaces by 10pm. Light snow through the AM. Lull to lighter snow after about 5am as band shifted just north of region. 1.6" by 11am. All local schools closed. Many schools still on winter break. State of Emergency declared for NY&NJ… NYS Thruway from Albany-NYC and Long Island Expressway closed from 12am-5am Friday. Light snow throughout thursday… 4.5 inches by midnight. Main snow axis stayed just to the north of ulster/dutchess counties with 6-12+ inches from Green country through capital district. Snow continued into Friday. Second low pressure redeveloped from ohio valley to NJ coast… spread heavy snow over Mid-Atlantic-Southern New England during evening-overnight hours. Began to affect Ulster county@~8p thursday. about 1.5 inches between 12a and 8a friday. Snow began taper off by 5am fri… flurries/light snow through 8am. Total snow by 8am Fri: 6 inches. NO SCHOOL THURSDAY JANUARY 2 AND FRIDAY JANUARY 3. Very powdery snow. Temperatures in 5 to 15 degree range for event. Estimated kingston liquid:sn ratio 1:18". Six inch snow accumulation… ~0.33" Liquid. Main roads slick through evening. Snow easily compacted on side roads creating very very slick conditions through the overnight. Snow caked on side roads through sunday. Overnight lows into Saturday: -10 to -15. Wind chill advisory for Friday night/Saturday AM.
Friday January 3 2014 No School 6.0" 6.0" Snow See Cancellation January 2-3, 2014
Monday January 6 2014 Delay 0.06" up to 0.1" Ice Intermittent freezing frizzle/mist between 4pm Sunday and 1am. A coating of ice on parking lots, cars, and side roads developed during the evening— higher on snow caked roads from January 3rd. Temperature forecast to rise from slightly below freezing to upper 30's overnight, and lower 40s by Monday morning with change over to non freezing rain. Surface cold air was more persistent than continuously forecast and freezing rain advisory which was originally issued at until 7pm was extended to 10pm, then 1am, then past 1am. Side roads a sheet of ice 0.1" at 10pm Sunday. Driveways 0.06". Gradually melted some through 1am due to slightly warmer temperatures, but still coated. Roads slushy/slick by 5am. Two hour delay. Heavy rain (with brief thunder and strong wind during/after) and morning high of 58F resulted in considerable melt, and roads generally clear by 11am. Rain taper off around 10am. Roads in better condition than before freezing rain by early late morning. Most Ulster school districts cancelled after school/evening activities due to threat of black ice/cold temperatures.
Tuesday January 7 2014 Delay 0.2" up to 0.2" Snow/Black Ice S@11pm, E@12a. Lake effect snow band from L. Erie made it to eastern NY. produced about an hour of light to moderate snow produced a coating to 0.5" across mid-Hudson Valley. In Ulster County, Ellenville, Rondout, Saugerties, and Marlboro all issued two hour delays Monday evening due to expected cold temperatures Tuesday morning— wind chill warning (W.Ulster), wind chill advisory (E. Ulster): morning wind chills expected to be -15 to -25 across the county. Ultimately all Ulster county schools delayed openings, except Ellenville and Rondout closed mainly due to cold. Black ice threat from day before.
Friday January 10 2014 No school 0.5" 0.5" Snow S@~4a, E@. ~9a. System moved from mid-atlantic through northeast during early overnight hours. Mainly scattered radar presentation. Snow began around 4am. Temperatures well below freezing, so stuck readily. Delay issued for all ulster county schools. Snow began to taper off around 7am, but roads caked with powdery snow. Upgraded to cancellation at 8am. Very similar to November 26, 2013 Cancellation.
Thursday January 16 2014 No impact 0.2" 0.2" Snow Dry clipper slowly moved from east to west across NY and PA during the previous day. Not much moisture with it. Managed to set up a band of snow from the catskills to the mohawk/capital districts. Started after midnight, and ended before daybreak. Light snow in Kingston during early morning hours. Tapered off around day break. Periodic snow showers through the morning. Only Onteora delayed
Saturday January 18 2014 xxx 1.5" 1" Snow System produced light snow during the late morning and early afternoon. Powdery. Meslolow developed over western MA producing totlas up to 12 inches. Ttailing secondary system continued light snow showers/flurries into early Sunday.
Tuesday January 21 |2014 Early Dismissal 0.0" 0.0 Flurries Clipper intensified as it moved off the Jersey coast. Was forecast to bring 2 to 4 inches across midHudsonValley. Moisture streamed over region on radar, but dry air at surface prevented any snow from reaching the ground. Up to a foot from New Jersey/NYC/LI/SE MA.
Saturday January 25 2014 xxx 2.5" 2.5" Snow S@~10a, E@~3p.
Monday February 3 2014 No impact 2.9" 2.5" Snow S@~9a, E@~5p. Storm tracked from mid Mississippi valley through mid atlantic states. Wide band of steady snow from PA/DC/SE NY. Largely forecast to stay just south of MHV with up to 1 inch forecast during storm. Temps 27-31
Wednesday February 5 2014 No School 9.2" 9.2" Snow S@4a, E@10p. Strong low brought wide spread snow from mid mississippi river valley to northeast. Period of light sleet from 1pm to 5pm.
Thursday February 6 2014 Delay See Cancellation February 5, 2014 After effects from 9.2" the day before. Roads improved by late morning.
Sunday February 9 2014 xxx 0.9" 0.9" Snow S@~4p, E@~10p. Powdery snow coated roads as weak clipper tapped atlantic moisture. Roads slick through the AM. Delay the following day
Monday February 10 2014 Delay See snow event February 9, 2014 0.9 inches between ~4p and 10p Sunday resulted in slick roads through Monday morning.
Thursday February 13-14 2014 No school 16.9" A lot Snow S@230am Thursday. Intense coastal low trecked up eastern seaboard from Jersey through Rhode island. Heavy snow bands moved northward through interior NY— rates 2"+/hr between 11a and 1p. 8.5 inches by 3pm. Dry slot moved through NYS beginning at 4p and lasted through 10p. Comma-head precipitation associated with upper low lagged behind over the carolinas/virginia… ended the dry slot at 10p Thursday. Bands of heavy snow moved through overnight, ended around 4:30a Friday. 16.9 inches of snow total. State of Emergency for NY through Friday. Totals of up to 2 feet across Ulster/Dutchess Co. Largest kingston storm since Presidents day 2003.
Friday February 14 2014 No School See cancellation Thursday February 13, 2014
Saturday February 15 2014 xxx 1.3" 1" Snow S@~8a, E@~1p.
Tuesday February 18 2014 No School 2.2" 2" Snow S@6a, dry slot 8a-10a, E@~2p
Wednesday February 19 2014 No Impact 2.8" 2" Snow S@11a, E@~1p
Monday March 3 2014 No Impact 0.0" 0.0" Flurries Brief 20-30 minutes of flurries during the morning. Associated with extreme northern fringe of mid-atlantic states snowstorm.
Wednesday March 5 2014 No Impact T 0.0" Snow Overnight. Brief 15-30 minute period of flurries/light snow between 7p and 8p. Trace of snow on cars that remained stationary during this time and overnight. No evidence of snow on roads or snow pack at 8am following morning.
Thursday March 13 2014 Delay T 0.0" Blk Ice 0.25" Rain Wednesday afternoon transitioned to Frz Rain ~830p, Ended ~1015p. Black ice Thursday morning as temperatures fell to lower teens. All Ulster County schools on two hour delay Thursday. Poughkeepsie: High Wednesday 45 = snow melt, low 17 Thursday AM = ice
Tuesday April 15 2014 no impact 0.3" 0.0" sn Strong cold front swept across US in preceding days. [childress Tx high 97 on 4/12, low of 26 4/16AM]. Rain began in Kingston Tuesday morning, continued throughout day, began to mix with ice pellets/sleet around 9pm, all snow about 1030p through midnight. E@12a. Very wet snow stick to glass/metal surfaces (cars), less and patchy on grass, none on roads/walkways/dirt. Poughkeepsie rainfall: 1.31"

January 21

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