Winter 2012-2013
Total Snowfall Delays Early Dismissals Cancellations Snow events*
37.5" 1 3 6 21

*note: measurable snow events
November, December, January, February, March

Day Date Year Closings Amount Road Amount Type Note
Monday October 29 2012 No School N/A N/A N/A Hurricane Sandy: State of emergency declared for Ulster County in association with Hurricane Sandy. Forecast: Flooding along Hudson River due to surge, winds gusting 60 to 70 mph, Rain 1 to 2 inches, localized flooding, widespread power outages… through Tuesday morning.
Tuesday October 30 2012 No School N/A N/A N/A Hurricane Sandy: State of emergency declared for Ulster County in association with Hurricane Sandy. Power outages across the region, and extreme storm surge flooding along the Hudson River/tributaries.
Wednesday November 7 2012 Early Dismissal 0.7" 00.00" Sn S@~5p E@~9p. Temps 32-30. wet sn never fell hard or stuck to roads— ran into dry air W of river. Most schools ED, but prob wasn't necessary given forecast. WWA thru 7a Thur. Sn melted rapidly after stopped.. almost all gone by 12a. Virtually all gone by AM. 0.7" measured on car roofs, ~lesser amts on grass(?). Off shore nor'easter spread bands of snow west over region. WWA Main to Deleware. WS! NYMetro/NJ. Forecast: Chance sn by 10a. 50% chance sn by ~12-1p. Sn steady in PM, winding down by 2AM. SS thru ~7a. Total: 2-4". Had for'cst verified w/ road accu'ation= ~60% Delay for 11/8
Thursday November 8 2012 No Impact N/A N/A Sn See November 7, 2012 Early dismissal
Saturday November 24 2012 xxx 0.00" 0.00" Flurries Widespread lake effect snow event.. Vermont to Hudson Valley, West Virginia through Ohio. Frequent flurries throughout the day, some brief snow showers during the evening. Some larger lingering snowflakes on car roof, but otherwise no accumulations. Image Radar
Tuesday November 27 2012 No Impact 0.6" 0.00" Sn S@~5a E@~2p. Well offshore low. Temps 31-34. Light snow, accu'tions <0.5" on grass, and cars. Max accu'tions 0.6" on few isolated cooler surfaces. Sn didn't stick to ground til ~630a. No road accu'tions. Temps +33 ~9a. Melted as it fell. Most accumulations gone by early PM. Forecast: 40% 0.1 - 0.2" by 7a, 70% 0.3-0.6" by 1p. Temps: +32 ~9a.
Friday November 30 2012 No Impact T 0.00" Flurries Cloudy. Light flurries/SS during the afternoon. A trace of large flakes on some care windshields.
Saturday December 1 2012 xxx 0.2" 0.15" Sn Two evenly divided rounds of light snow overnight. ~12a-~3/4a, sunrise/early morning. Widely scattered across region.. no snow in highland/PK. Powdery, so coated roads.. made back roads a little slick— main roads fine. Temps <32 since4p Nov30, overnight: 27-29, >32 ~11a Dec1. Snow stuck to roads more than grass, 0.2" *estimated from car roof. Would have been difficult to forecast, but more than likely would have been a delay. See December 14, 2010 delay.
Sunday December 16 2012 xxx T 0.00" Fr S@~2a, E@~11a. Widely scattered overnight showers. A trace of Freezing rain between midnight and sunrise. Ice pellets. Only noticeable on some dirt surfaces, where it had gathered in little ditches, after sunrise. The frost that had been accumulating for several day was thicker on the grassy areas than the actual freezing rain was. Freezing rain advisory was issued for 6am to 11am but discontinued before 11am. Fr advsrs issued for multiple Binghamton counties.
Tuesday December 25 2012 xxx 0.75" 0.3" Sn S@1130p, E@7a. Band of Sn moved NE from Ohio/Mid atlantic states. Band broke in half around MHV- half to LI/CT/RI/MA, half to wNY/VT. Radar from Nrthern stream barely grazed Ulster county. Radar barely supported any MHV Sn. Wet snow w/ slghtly >0.25" on drive, backroads slick, main wet. All start to clear aft 730. Temp 31, 32@7a. Would have been 70D 10C. First Christmas snow since 2002.| | Fr'cst(6p): 78% 1-2" 9p-8a. Chc Fr 3-8a. Temp 26-29. WWA Ulster/Dutch/Litch (Upton/PA/CT) issued@430p 12/24 thru 6a 12/25. Less than impressive pre-radar. If school: (6p) 40D 30C. Fr'cst(9p): <1" Sn/Fr 30D 10C… contingent on actual Sn development.
Wed-Thur December 26-27 2012 xxx 6.25" 6.25" Sn S@6p, E@7a. Wet/HSn stuck instantly. up o 4 inches by midnight. Change over to Fr around 4/5a. Fr through 6/7a. Abt 1" Fr on top of sn. Up to 2" Fr in Pk. Roads slush/mess through late afternoon. Biggest snow in exactly 2 years. Pk temps 28/31 ^36, 33. WWA 3-7" 6p-7p. WS! Tx-ME. Bz! Ok-Oh. Fr'cst: 90% 5-10". WSW issued@430p 12/4 for Wed eve-Thur eve. Major Texas-NE storm. If school would have been 100C (forecast: 70C)
Saturday December 29 2012 xxx 4.3" 4.0" Sn S@1050a, E@10p. Steady sn throughout day. 980(?)mb OhValley low= moisture surge, 2edary low S boston= sNE(CT-ME) WS!, too far east 4NY. Light fluffy sn. Compacted on side roads side roads mess thru Sun AM. Temps: U20's, Max30. If school: 30C 40D, following AM: 20-30D WWA 3-6" 10a-4a. Frcst: 3" btw 11a-2a
Sunday January 6 2013 xxx 0.10" 0.10" Sn S@~1a, E@~4a. Very light snow overnight. Coating of snow on all surfaces in AM. Lasted on all surfaces through ~9/10a. ~3-4" snow pack for Jan 6th, with a melting trend over the previous week.
Wednesday January 16 2013 No School 3.2 3.2 Sn S@~245, Taper@8a. Moderate sn. Light drizzle/mist ~10a thru mid evening. Patchy black ice overnight. Wet/compactable. 2.5" by 5a, 3.1" by 645a. Roads completely covered, slick through AM. Main roads slushy. Large plume of gluf moisture brought sn/fr/WWA's from texas to New England. WWA for NY 3a-7p Wed. Temps: 33-32 pre Sn; 28-30. DewPts: 20-21 pre Sn; 26-27. Forecast: 80% Sn by 4a, 1-3" by 7a, additional 1-3" by 1pm. Light Sn/Accum through early eve. | Sn ended much earlier than forecast.. if storm was ~3_4hr earlier, then 60% delay.
Friday January 25 2013 xxx 0.25 0.1 Sn S@~4a?, E@~10p? Light snow friday evening. Coating on all surfaces including roadways. Probably sub-delay material. Forecast called for around an inch.
Monday January 28 2013 Early Dismissal 1.3" 0.75" to 1.0" Sn S@9a, E@~2p. Textbook early dismissal. Snow develop at 9a. Coating on most surfaces by 10a. Sn mix/change to drz/ fr drz around 1p. drz/ fr drz through about 3p. Fog/most thru eve. Light coating of ice on cars and shoveled walkways by 4p. Roads snowy through noon, slushy after 2pm. Wet/slushy through eve. Temps: 20@12a Mon, 25@9a, 32@2p, 33 through 12a Tue. Side roads slushy Tue AM, if temps had fallen back below freezing, then 30% delay. WWA 10a Mon-7a Tue
Thursday January 31 2013 NONE 0.94" Rain N/A RAIN RAIN: S@~10p (Wed) E@~6a (Thur). ((1.20" recorded in Kingston, 0.94" recorded in Poughkeepsie… per rain accuracy, opt to go with Pk totals)) Significant low pressure system brought intense stream of gulf moisture from Lousiana to the north east. First tornado outbreak of the season. Over 490 record high temperatures set across 29 states on Thur. Over 470 record rainfalls set across 34 states on Thur. Poughkeepsie picked up 0.88 inches of rain between 1am and 8am. Pk: High temperature of 62 degrees occurred at 3AM breaking the previous record of 60 set in 2006. 0.94 inches of rain broke the record rainfall for the date, set in 1949. Temperatures fell throughout the day to a low of 29. Temperature peaked at 58 degrees on Wednesday. Dense fog Wed morning and Night: Vis down to several yards Wed night. Total snow melt during duration.
Friday February 1 2013 No delay 0.5" 0.5" Sn S@7a, E@810a. Narrow lake effect snow band drifted across northern Ulster and Dutchess counties. Moderate fluffy snow. Coating on everything. sweepble powdery snow- bad for roads. Roads quickly became covered. Light fluffy snow compacted, making roads slick during the 7 oclock hour. Snow last on main roads til ~8, side roads slick though 9ish. Sn tapered off around 8am. Temps@27 degrees. DewPt: 10. If had occurred 1 to 2 hours earlier than prob 2hr delay. Almost total melt by 1p.. shady areas still around. (Hi: 31)
Saturday February 2 2013 xxx T T Sn S@~8p, E@~10p. Light snow associated with low pressure crossing through mid atlantic. WWA's for central NJ (1-3"). brief passing ss in MHV.
Monday February 4 2013 No delay T T Sn S@~1a, E@~2p. A trace of snow from isolated snow showers passing through the catskills/mhv. Dusting on cars, and driveway.
Tuesday February 5 2013 No delay 0.25" 0.00" Sn S@~4a??, E@8a. Light snow into the morrning hours. VERY fluffy - -same as cottonwood seeds. Able to "sweep" by passing foot in air above. Some sticking to non-frequented roads — if lasted longer/came down faster would have stuck to most roads. Temp: 23-25, DewPt: 6-18| Forecast: 30% L.Sn 12a-7p (0.3")
Wednesday February 6 2013 No delay 0.2 T Sn S@6p tue, E@~12a Wed. Intermittent, very light snow. Fine powder. Coating on grass and cars. Light coating on side roads. Main roads fine. | Forecast: 60% up to 0.5"
Friday February 8 2013 Early Dismissal 10.0 >5.0 Sn S@8a, E@4a Sat. Historic system brought record snows to New England. Up to 30 inches across eastern Long Island, Connecticut, and Eastern MA. Blizzard warnings, NYC-Coastal Maine. Northern stream Great Lakes Low brought snow to interior PA/NY-ME. Southern stream coastal low brought Snow to NJ-MA. Lows phased southeast of long island. Kingston impacts mainly from southern low prior to phasing, Northern low impacts as phasing toward the end before ending. MHV totals: 6-12 inches. 12" PK, 20" Washingtonville. At 6am, Kingston was between lows, with Nrthn low training eastward to the north of the MHV, ans srthern low just south of NYC. Periodic ss associated with northern low S@8a. steady snow from Srthern low S@~1130. WW! 6a Fri-12p Sat. Kingston snow emergency 8p Thur - Sat eve (no street parking). Almost all MHV schools closed Friday, except Kingston and 2 columbia/greene county schools. Kingston did a pretty good cleanup job, with main roads cleared by early afternoon. Schools would have been cancelled on Saturday. Blizzard of 2013
Monday February 11 2013 No school 0.2 0.2 Fr/Sl S@~4a, Rain@~9a. Initially 2-hour delay, upped to closing at 7:15a. "Band" of precip associated with intense upper plains/ great lakes low, extend through Northeast, atlantic, and gulf coasts. Freezing rain develop prior to sunrise, and through the AM in consistent batches, conditions clear by noon. If 2 hours later, would have stayed delay. Transition to light R ~9a. Temps 27-31. WWA 4a-12p.| F'rcst: Wintry mix, little/no accumulation.
Saturday February 16 2013 xxx 1.0" <0.25" Sn S@~12a, E@~6a. Light snow. Wet, compactable. Stick to all trees through early PM. Coating on roads, only patchy coatings on roads and driveways by 730a. Temps S@34, fall to 31. Cloudy all day, 32degrees through 11a. 20-30% 2hr delay.
Tuesday February 19 2013 no impact 00.10" RAIN 00.00" RAIN S@~230p. L Sn develop @ 230, last about half hour before change over to l drizzle. Temps in mid-upper 30's through whole event. 40's in PK. Mix w/ heavy wet snowflakes @~5p. LRain taper off @~9p. Moderate-light sn in Stone Ridge until rain @~4p. No sticking on any surface. Temps fall to 30 overnight. Patchy black ice Wednesday morning. No delay ((0.10" rain in poughkeepsie—NWS))
Friday February 22 2013 xxx T 00.00" Sn S@645, E@715. Brief light snow. Trace on cars, and some sidewalks. Second ss/T @ 3AM Saturday.
Saturday February 23 2013 xxx T T RAIN Light rain /mist from ~6a through evening. Freezing rain/Sn mix in across stone ridge @2p. WWA 6p-7a Sun.
Wednesday February 27 2013 Delay 1.0" 0.5" Sn/IcePell./Slush S@~1030p Tue, Rain@before 4a. Large Low pressure span from Missouri to Northeast. Moderate-heavy ice pellets Tue night, mix w/ large snowflakes. About an inch of sn/sleet overnight. Change over to rain/sleet by 4a, continue through day. Some pooling of rain on roads due to snowpile blockage, and about half an inch of slush on sideroads. main roads wet with some slush. Roads generally clear by 8am, side roads still slushy. About 2" of slush by morning in woodstock… total overnight snow likely 2-3". WS! WUlster, no advisory EUlster or Hudson Valley. If half as much snow had fallen, or maybe if there had been no ice pellets (harder to melt)- then possibly no delay, but otherise a pretty solid call… temps 34 in pk… in kingston- just above for rain, not enough to melt. ~1.0" Rain | NWS Forecast: R/Sn/Sl mix overnight, w/ 1-2 inches Sn possible but mainly rain & temps ~33-34.
Saturday March 2 2013 xxx 0.2" 0.00" Sn S@6p, E@10p. 0.2" during the evening. accumulations on snow pack, cars, grass, and non-road/driveway surfaces. Non-accumulating ss/light sn throughout the afternoon on Sunday.
Thursday March 7 2013 See March 8, 2013 Cancellation (Phase 1).
Friday March 8 2013 No School 1.9" 0.5" Sn S@12p Thur, E@12p Fri. Phase 1: potent low tracked off midatlantic coast Wed night, w/ region on n'rthrn fringe. Despite fr'cst of 0.5-1.0" Wed night, sn never materialized. Phase 2: (Thur-Fri) expansive outflow from low spread back north and west around the circulation, sending prolonged energy back into NE/NY/NJ as the system stalled several hundred miles southeast of long island. In kingston… ModSn dev'lped moved in from 9a-930.. no acc'ultion. Steadier sn moved in ~12p. Light sn thru afternoon. Some grass accumulation aft 3p. Wet Rds.. puddles. Wet sticky snow. Thru 8p no road acc'ultion.. up to 0.5" on grass/sn pack. First Rd acc'ultion after 9p.. driveways. Stuck to all tree branches. Mod/Steady Sn overnight. Up to 1.8" wet sn by 7a… Ab't 0.5" slushy on Rds. Initially a delay for Kingston(@548a), New Paltz, Saugerties… Steady sn continued. Upped to Cancellation@734a. Light coating on already plowed roads.. slick.. main roads fine for most part. 2edary roads light slick through 10a. Light sn through noon. Total 1.9"… widely varying totals.. and sn rates.. through out region… 7" New Paltz, 1"-2" Kingston-Woodstock, 1" Saugerties, 12" Catskills, 9" Rhinebeck. WWA. Sn rates influenced by geography. Pk temps: Thur max 37, 12-2a 32, 3-10a 31, 11-1p 32-34 |Fc'st: Low 29, 2-4", 1-2" by 6a. WWA-12p Fri.
Tuesday March 12 2013 No impact 1.2" Rain 00.00" Rain S@~3a(?), E@???. Low pressure tracked from US mid-west into southern Canada across mid Ontario/Quebec border. Warm front set up across northern quebec, cold front down applachian spine. Plume of moisture from gulf to north push eastward. thursday morning was located over eastern seaboard. with moderate to heavy rain from Carolinas to Maine. Showers through florida. Taper by 5p. Up to 1.2" Rain Kingston, 0.65" Rain Pk
Friday March 15 2013 No impact 00.00" 00.00" Snow Light snow showers/flurries during the afternoon and evening associated with clipper system. Mainly concentrated in heavier showers around 100130, 400-430, and 1200a-1230a (Sat).
Saturday March 16 2013 xxx 0.2" 00.00 Snow S@2p, E@8p. LSn during the afternoon. Up to 0.2", lesser amounts on defrosted ground. no road accumulations.
Tuesday March 19 2012 No School 5.2" 1.5" Snow S@7p Mon, up to 5" by 230a. dry slot developed by 3am changing over to light freezing rain. about a half inch of ice pellets on top of snow… roads that were plowed before 4a gathered about a quarter inch of ice pellets leading to widespread slush on poorly plowed roads. 4.5" measured at 5am, some indication of compression. light freezing drizzle, mixing with liquid drizzle continued through 615. complete lull between 630 and 715. then light mist/mist pellets. roads mainly slushy/wet by 9am. final band moved through between 10a and 1230.. coating of freezing rain, then heavy snow as intensity increased. an additional 1.25" on plowed walkways during this time… band largely underestimated by all, and forecast to fall as a mix with little additional accumulation… intensified as it moved through NY. Back to liquid drizzle at 1230, and through early afternoon. Dynamics: low over Lake Michigan, secondary low developing south of long island Tue morning. precipitation mainly associate with outflow from main low. Cancellation based on the before dawn accumulations, and freezing drizzle after 3am. | Pk Temps: 3/8 Hi 37, 8p-1a 28-30, 32@5a, 6a-1p 33-34, 2p-4p 35, 3/19 Hi 37 6p-7p. Temp fell when precipitation was falling, and rose during drier slots. (5.2" is based on a blend of projected snowfall compression rates and late morning snow burst, yielding total between 5.0 and 5.4")
Wednesday March 20 2013 No impact T 00.00" Snow Light snow/flurries overnight and through the early morning hours, until about 11am. A trace of snow on cars, ice, and the sides of some streets…. ss lingering from the March 19th system.
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