Winter 2011- 2012
Total Snowfall Delays Early Dismissals Cancellations
22.00" 4 2 3

December, January, February, March

Day Date Year Closings Amount Road Amount Type Note
Tuesday September 6 2011 2 hour delay Flooding xxx Rain Downed telephone across the road that the buses take to leave the station. Result of morning rain storm.
Thursday September 8 2011 No School Flooding xxx Rain Remnants of tropical storm Lee caused rain for the past 3-4 days. Heavy band of rain set up from Chesapeake, western PA & Central NY on wednesday, shifted east. Rivers already still swollen from Hurricane Irene Major floods the week before (closed SUNY Ulster for the whole previous week). Up to 6-8 inches of rain across southern& central new york from Lee on top of 8-10 inches from Irene. Thruway threatened to shut down from Syracuse-Albany & MHV. Flash Flooding. Roads impassible across southern ny. Many schools closed/delayed. Many Greene county schools closed for up to 2 weeks.
Friday September 9 2011 2 hour delay Flooding xxx Runoff/ pooling Delay issued at 7:30am. Rain associated w/ tropical storm Lee stopped Thursday afternoon, but water/runoff levels still high. Large creeks peaked overnight/that morning. Kingston: 5.37" rain Sep 5-8. Up to 8 inches across Ulster county. On top of Irene's 8" in kingston w/ up to 12" in the Catskills. Anna Devine Elementary Closed. Bus Route Changes (a first)- KHS & JWB Students affected by Rt. 32 and Rt. 213. told to meet at the Postage Inn(tillson) for a 9:00am pick-up OR at K and G Pizzeria at the corner of Abeel & Wilbur Streets for a 9:30am pick-up.
Thursday October 27 2011 no delay flurries 0.0" Sn Frontal system brought rain to the region on Thursday. Rain mixed with snow/sleet at 5pm. Periods of snow/sleet/rain through out evening. No accumulation in Kingston. Light grassy accumulations in other parts of the county. Rain/snow taper off around 10pm. Totals
Saturday October 29 2011 xxx 5.7" ??? Snow Start@1P. End at 1AM. NorEaster developed FridayN/Sat. Brought Record snow to northeast. WS! Virginia-Maine. Wet heavy snow+trees in leaf=downed branches/powerlines from PA-NEngland. Over 24" in Peru,MA. Kingston accumulations ended@~9p. Began to compress on self despite continued Lsnow. Messy/Slushy roads @night. Snow covered roads btw 3&7pm— plowed 2x. Due to timing, would prob be delay sunday. Maybe normal. If occurred in AM on weekday would be Cancelled. Summary, photo1, photo2, photo3
Monday January 2 2012 xxx 00.10" 00.00" Snow widespread lake effect resulted in periods of snow showers during the afternoon and evening(before 7p). Coating on grass/cars/curb by 6pm. Parts of Rt32 coated in tillson/rosendale. Schools on break til the 3rd.
Thursday January 12 2012 No Delay 0.50" 0.4" Snow Rain S@12am, transition to sn@~2a, back to rain@4a. Wet snow. WWA 12am-12p but allowed to expire@4a. Event difficult to forecast- NWS called for littl/no accumulation with mainly rain/mix. Fcst low of 32 btw 6/7a. SfcLow moved from KY to Delmarva(995mb) to L.I., Mainlow over Ohio. Temperatures initially started out a few degrees warmer than fcst Wed pm. accumulations on Rds. melting after 4am change to rain. Rain persisted throughout morning. most snow washed away. Onteora: Closed. Hunter&Rondout: Delay. plowable snow in stone ridge-remained on grass and piles throughout day.
Tuesday January 17 2012 2hour delay 01.25" 00.75" Snow very L.FR/sn@7p. 0.25". Batch of moderate sn@8p-9:30p. dropped 1.0". lull 10p-~1a. Second batch@~1-3. FR/SL made sn crustier/reduced depth to 0.75". Zonal shortwave system from GLakes into NY. Forecast: Sn 8p-3a. <1". FR/SL 2a-6a. Rain 6a-eve. Temps rising from low of 25. 32@6a. high 40. | Reality: Mon eve temps 29-30 6p-8p. fell to 26 with first batch of snow. Temps never made it above 30 Mon. Very spotty radar presentation, other than 2 batches. 30* at 6a. 0.75" on untouched roads@6a. compacted but not too slick on car tracks. 0.75" total at 6am. Main roads fine by 8am. might have been cancelled if SL/FR continued from 3a-6a as forecast. All region districts on 2-3 hour delay.
Friday January 20 2012 2hour delay 01.90" 01.90" Snow Sn@830p thur-~12a fri. powdery snow, but packable. temps in mid20s. stuck to roads instantly. Clipper system moved from G.Lakes. Initially only <1" forecast. Roads very slick Thurs eve. still covered 6a Fri. Saugerties&Onteora on delay.
Saturday January 21 2012 xxx 02.75" 02.75" Snow Sn@~2/3am. 0.75" by 7am. Tapered off by 1pm. WWA 1am-3pm. let expire at 2pm. Widespread snowfall. 6-10 inches from cape cod to NYC. light and fluffy. Would definitely have been a cancellation. Roads snowy through evening. first widespread snowfall of the year
Monday January 23 2012 No Delay 00.00" 00.00" Ice Light FR forecast 2A-9A. FRAdvisory 12AM-12PM. 0.01-0.02" Forecast/Lows 24. Reality Lows only 28. Roads never froze over. FR didn't materialize until 7AM. light patchy black ice on driveways at 7:30. Decent chance of delay/closing had it materialized at 2AM. Drizzle throughout morning.
Wednesday February 8 2012 No Delay T 00.00" Sn Light snow developed around 10:30p and lasted until about 11:30p. Trace coating on cars and grass. No road accumulation. Widely scattered. Probably just flurries in most locations.
Saturday February 11 2012 xxx 00.15" 00.00" Sn Light snow developed at 3a. coating on cars/grass by 6am. Patchy coating on driveways/curbs. Light snow/flurries through 10a. melted immediately. Combination of arctic cold front/offshore low- - 1-2 inches forecasted. Strong, wind whipped flurries between about 8pm and 9pm- - front related
Monday February 13 2012 No Delay 00.00" 00.00" Sn Flurries overnight. Less than a trace of snow on car windshield.
Wednesday February 15 2012 No Delay 00.00" 00.00" Sn Flurries/drizzle overnight. Less than a trace of snow on some dirt surfaces.
Thursday February 16 2012 No Delay 00.75" 00.25" Sn L.Sn@~1130a. Temps 33-34. Wet. began sticking around noon. initially forecast to change over to rain. no change over. steady sn thru afternoon. began to stick to roads @~3p. quarter inch of slush/wet snow by early evening. snow taper off around 530p. began mix with rain. light drizzle after 8p. all done by 10p. temps hovering just above freezing— rapid snow compression/melt. most roads just wet by 10p. made 5 foot snow man :)
Friday February 24 2012 No School 03.25" 01.75" Sn Sn@~3a. Band of wet heavy snow through ~5am. began to taper off and compress around 6a. All residual done by 7a. Snowy roads turned to slush by 7a. Plowed roads totally clear. main roads just wet. side roads snowy/slushy. high h2o concentration helped road snow liquify fairly quickly. temps @ 32 @ 6a. temps @33 @ 8a. overnight lows ~30. Radar
Wednesday February 29 2012 Early Dismissal 04.30" 04.30" Sn Sn@949a. ED called@630a. stick to grass by 1030a. stick roads@ 1130a. wet roads. Coated and slick roads by 12p- -car accidents. Steady Sn through afternoon 2.7" by 2p. 4.3" by 3p. Lull@3:30p-~2a Thur. Light Driz during lull. Sn compress/liquefy- - some pooling water at blocked drains. Roads slushy- - mostly wet. plowed roads fine- - just wet
Thursday March 1 2012 No School 00.25" 00.25" Sleet See affects of ED February 29. 4.3" Sn day before. lull at 4p. Light Driz during lull. Sn compress/liquefy- - some pooling water at blocked drains. Roads slushy- - mostly wet. plowed roads fine- - just wet. Main low trek great lakes-northeast overnight. proceeded by area of heavy precip. Precip@~2a- - likely initial burst of sleet followed by light sleet/drizzle. most precip just to our north.secondary low formed off coast keeping bringing cooler air. sleet to drizzle by 6a during lull. drizzle/sn showers throughout morning. 0.25" coating slush on roads thru 730a. wet. delay issued @545a. upgraded to closing@730a.
Friday March 2 2012 xxx 00.60" 00.40" Sn Potent low trekked from great lakes to canada- - spawned sever weather over central east. Main rain band moved through MHV@~9p- - temperatures just above freezing, but precip. heavy enough to fall as snow from 9pm-~10:30pm. FR/ice pellets 1030p-1100p. Heavy snow accumulated quickly on all surfaces. Large wet flakes. Forecast to rain through the morning, but only drizzle. - - quick band- little residual. temperatures rose to 56 Saturday- - all roads fine by morning.
Friday March 16 2012 ED xxx xxx xxx NON-WEATHER RELATED: "A boil water advisory was issued Friday in the city of Kingston because of a significant drop in water pressure. The advisory, in effect until further notice but likely to be lifted Saturday afternoon, is only for drinking water, not for water that’s used to bathe, shower or do laundry, according to city Water Superintendent Judith Hansen." Schools dismissed early, after school events/sport cancelled, high school musical rescheduled. High School dismissed at 1:30PM
Saturday March 31 2012 xxx **00.50" 00.00" Sn BEST ESTIMATE: (out of town) Weak system brought light precip to region late friday night. Radar indicates that precip moved in by 11PM Friday and ended by 7AM Saturday. Temperature charts show temperatures falling below 35 degrees between 4AM and 5AM through 8AM or 9AM. Coating of snow on grassy surfaces. Official totals: Catskills up to 3", Woodstock 2", Ulster Park 1.6", Saugerties .5", Rhinebeck/Red Hook .5", Poughkeepsie 0". "Less than an inch" characterized by multiple observers in kingston. Estimate of .5" for Kingston, with higer amounts across higher areas and lower amounts closer to ther river, is a blend of local reports and analyzed temperature grids, and believed to be a best estimate, with actual figures believed to be between 0.3" and 0.75". Worth noting that grass had already begun to grow, so visual observations of snow accumulated on grass would appear greater than reality. Typical light late season snow. Completely melted by mid/late morning.
|Sat-Tue April 21-24 2012 xxx R: 3.15" xxxx RAIN RAIN
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