Winter 2010- 2011
Total Snowfall Delays Early Dismissals Cancellations
50.65" 6 2 9
Day Date Year Closings Amount Type Note
Thursday September 30 2010 ED 1.25" Rain Start~7am. end~11am. Continuous forecast for Heavy Rain total 3-5" Despite plume axis clearly to the west. Breezy. Wind advisory. 9th, post school activities, parent's night all cancelled.
Thursday November 25 2010 no delay none FR several minutes of ice pelets @~7p before change to L.drizzle. Reports of periodic light flurries/sleet during afternoon in Rosendale/Woodstock/Esopus. No flurries in Kingston.
Saturday November 27 2010 xxx none flurries first flurries of the year. cold (29/30) and overcast. decent flurries between 10a&2p. Lake effect.
Friday December 10 2010 xxx .2" Snow FIRST SNOW. Light snow developed around 1PM. Dusting by 3PM. Light snow thoughout afternoon. 0.2" by 9p. All roads and grass coated. Fluffy dry snow. AM temps were very cold…13*F @7a. Wouldn't be a delay. Taper off by 10pm
Sunday December 12 2010 xxx glaze ice pre-dawn rain froze on surfaces. Driveway coated. slick. Ice slush on side roads. prob not enough for delay. began melting ~730. slippery parts melted by 8. rain throughout day. PK high 58. fog. ground frozen.
Tuesday December 14 2010 2hour .25" Snow Snow showers@6-8p. @10-4a. 0.25" total. powdery&wind whipped by cars. 0.1" on roads from wind. Comparable to Jan 15, 2009 Delay. typical early season difficult forecast.. borderline.
Sun-Mon December 26-27 2010 xxx 10" Snow Stom not recognized til Fri eve. Forecast 7-14inches. WS! Georgia-Canada. Blizzard! NJ-Canada (inc. DutchessC. south, All Conn&RI) 30" ME. Track/bomb just off LI/Mass. 975mb? Light snow begin ~1PM. Very Gusty. Snow end ~5AM. Drifts to 15". Many 8-13" measures. Hard to get accurate measure total likely 10-11. Summay | Review 12"+ reports from Esopus area.
Friday January 07 2011 No School 6.0" Sn L.Sn start ~430A. Roads coated by 530. Analogous to Jan. 28, 2010 E.D. Produced by frontal system from G. Lakes. Much variation across region. Steady light to mod. snow through out PM. No problem sticking to roads. temps in mid-upper 20's. LEQ ratio ~15:1. Very light and fluffy. Sticks to tree/branches. A pretty snow. Began tapering off ~6PM. Done by 11PM.
Wednesday January 12 2011 No School 8.0" Sn Start ~9PM 1/11. Stick@ 930P. Fell rapidly.. 1" by 11p. Light fluffy.. LEQ 15:1. Most accumulation by 7a. Lsn through PM. Phasing of Large Gr. Lakes low and intense coastal low. C. Low took over around 11p. Quick moving. Tracked over SE Mass. Heaviest E.of H.River and NY. Intense part of low just skim E. NY. Heaviest Up to 2+ feet central mass&conn. Review
Tuesday January 18 2011 No School 2.6" Sn/FR Start~3a. MLK Day Monday= 4day weekend. 1.7" by 6a. mix with sleet by 8am. mix with FR by 9a. .5" ice pellets. .2" coating FR. Rain 11a- 4p. taper off around 5p. .5" ice on top of 2 inches snow. very crusty. Rain made it all heavy and vey hard to shovel. coating of ice on everything. Bent trees. Roads very slushy/mess. Shoveled pavement more dangerous than snow covered due to ice coating. Temps 30-33 peaked in evening. Freezing rain later blamed for gas outtage [see Daily Freeman article from Thursday Jan. 20.] Central Hudson spokesman John Maserjian said this week’s freezing rain and icy conditions “impacted some mechanical operations” at the Spring Street regulator station, causing low pressure in the gas delivery system
Wednesday January 19 2011 No School .4" Sn Strong effects from day before. See SN Day Jan 18. Initially 2 hour delay. Roads slushy from dayb4. Black ice from fr dayb4. Sn moved in @6a. Coating on top of ice=very slick. Slushy roads instantly became worse. .4" by 8a. brief mix w/ FR@ 8a. LSnow thru 3p. Bent trees still. .2" coating on everything still.
Friday January 21 2011 No School 4.25" Sn Frontal system developed weak srf. low over ohio valley. tracked E.wrd S.of NY, to just off CapeCod. WWA 12a-12p. Snow Begin~10PM. Coating by 1030. Rates of .25"/hr. 3.0inches by 5a. Snow tapered off by~ 730a. Could have been delay if snow ended 2hr earlier. "Epic 1 day week." MLK Day +3 snow days. See previous snow days. As of Jan 20 PM Lower/mid kingston "gas outtage." Numerous homes w/o gas/heat. Possibly inc. KHS. Several road digs near lower broadway & @Andrew St. See Jan. 18 Snow day 5th snow day in 2 weeks.
Tuesday January 25 2011 2hour 1.75" Snow Light snow@~11p. End@~6a. light/flffy. Clipper moved thru C.NY. Splotty radar presentation. Comparable structure to SnDay Jan. 19, 2011. 3-6" in adirondacks. Covered roads.
Thursday January 27 2011 2hour .75" Snow Start@~7p. Began sticking@~830p. End@~3a.Noreaster move through mid atlantic[nrn.deleware]&ENEwrd. Initially too warm to stick. <.75" on most Rds. <slushy. Up to 16" in NYC.
Tuesday February 1 2011 No School 4.0" Sn Start@~3AM. 1.5" by 7a. AccFinish@~2PM. L.Sn thru 5p. Low pressure develop over missouri move thru Ohio Valley along&N of I70. Very W-E zonal flow: Ohio-N.Y. Begin Sticking by 330a. Roads bad thru evening- never get better b4 Feb2 storm. Light&Fluffy.
Saturday January 29 2011 xxx .5" Snow Morning to early afternoon. No direct observation- HMUN in boston. Residual evident sunday afternoon.
Wednesday February 2 2011 No School 3.00" FR Start@~11p. Weak band@~9p. Taper off@~10a. Very Impressive system develop over mississisppi valley. track texas to ny bring intense storms to E.US. Blizzard of 2011/"century." Large/Impressive front. Constant Frozen rain/ice pellets. heavy at times. roads messy/covered through evening because of ice pellet nature- hard to clean/plow completely…… Main low&wrap around system=Snow/sleet/ice squall@6:30PM— 0.2inches wonS.setunim01|ni#wonS.setunim01|ni showers through other areas overnight. Total overnight=.25" (including squall). No Delay Thursday. Messy side roads. Could have easily been a delay.. possibly in a less winter winter. See 2011 Groundhog's Day Blizzard
Saturdy February 5 2011 xxx 1.5" Snow Sn develop around 7am. Stick to roads @~9am. Change to rain@~11am. Slushy/slick side roads. main roads fine. Cold light/steady rain.
Tuesday February 8 2011 2hour 1.0" Snow Rshowers@ 6:30p. Sn@9:45p. Sn thru 6a. SSthru 9a. Wet/slushy snow. Temps 29-33. Slushy roads in am. Wet roads by 9am. Textbook delay.
Sunday February 13 2011 xxx 0.1" Snow Mid day squall/snow shower. 12:30-1:00PM. Large flakes, uneven accumulation distribution.
Friday February 25 2011 No School 1.5" Snow Rain/Snow@~1AM. .75" through 6am. Periodic change over to rain. Round of steady snow 6:30-7:30. Delay. Upped to Closing at 7:30. Steady rain at 8A. plowed roads a slushy mess after 6:30 snow. Slick through 8A. 9A: kingston roads not bad for a snow day. could have gotten away with a delay. Advertised threat of flooding from heavy rains.. 0.5"R. 8th snow day(record).
Sunday February 27 2011 xxx 2.0" Snow Start@~11P. End@~5A. GrLakes Clipper. 2-6" through NY. LSn. Fairly wet. Roads pretty clear by 8A- fine once plowed. Would be delay.
Monday March 07 2011 2hour .1" Snow Heavy Rain [plume GoM to Canada] Sunday 2"+ changed over to light fr/sn by 5am. Light coating of snow/ice by 6am. steady snow shower at 6am. All tapered off by 645. driveway coated. roads slick- not too bad. Black ice? WWA til 7A.. extended til 10a@6a loop
Thursday March 10 2011 no delay .25" Sn Snow 11:30p- ~3/4am(?).. changed over to rain. barely a trace of snow left. Slick roads in Woodstock.
Friday March 11 2011 No School Flooding Rain Rain Thursday into Friday: 3.14 inches of rain. PLUS Ground still saturated from 2.5 inches of rain from Sunday. significant snow melt ~6inches Sunday-Friday. 9th "Snow Day"- lose last day of spring break
Monday March 21 2011 no delay 1.25" Sn wet Snow @6am. stick to grass/cars by 7am. Stick to parking lots by 8am. Steady at 8am. sidewalks melt to slush @10ish. Wet, never stick much to roads. Taper off around noon. Forecast to start at 4am- would have been a delay. Snow still on grass/some sidewalk piles by night fall.
Wednesday March 23 2011 ED .5" by 3PM
1.25" Total
Snow Total sn 1.25" ThurAM. Sn@8AM continue through day. Never stick to roads- didn't really expect it- high 37. sitck to grass/cars. by 5PM .2" on grass. 0.5" on some cars. -melt some in PM- always at least a coating. Forecast: WWA 10A-12P Thursday. Sn to develop by 9AM w/ an inch by 3PM. High 37. Totals 3-6" by Thur. Should have stayed in school because high was too much above freezing for roads2stick and only light accum(1") through school day. See delay March 24.
Thursday March 24 2011 2hour Blk Ice Snow Total Sn 1.25"- see ED March 23. Began 8A wednesday. Sn through 9PM. L.SNshowers over night- dusting. Never really accumulated <.5" on roads- melted as it fell/never accumulated much. Blk ice biggest problem. Flurries Thur AM. Roads pretty clear.
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