Winter 2009- 2010
Total Snowfall Delays Early Dismissals Cancellations
38.45" 5 1 6
Day Date Year Closings Amount Type Note
Saturday December 4 2009 xxx 1.4" Snow Sn~12-9p. Wet. peak@~6p. Accu mainly on grass. Roads fairly clean. Never got to delay status. Pictures
Wednesday December 09 2009 no school 8.5" SN No School. 8.5" Sn. ~2"by 3a. ~6" by 7a. FR@9a. R@10a. R compressed Sn. Sn covered roads. Snowball sn.
Thur-Fri Dec 10-11 2009 no delay .2" Sn ss overnight. light coating on base snow and cars
Mon-Tue Jan 11-12 2010 no delay T Sn Very light dusting overnight
Monday December 14 2009 2hour 1" Slush Sunday: 2hour delay. 1.5" sn (10a-2p). R -8p. Bad roads. Slick. pooling water. very slushy. Black ice overnight. Messy am roads.
Sat-Sun Dec 19-20 2009 xxx .2" Snow Forcast: 5-10inches. FAIL. snow overnight. See2009 Blizzard
Sunday December 26 2009 xxx 1.75" Snow Sn~12a. Initially FR/SL. Wet Sn. Large flakes. quickly accumullated. done by~2am. drizzle. messy am roads. Rain showers. likely delay at least. possible cancelation. Pictures
Tuesday December 28 2009 xxx .2" Snow period of snow ~4-8a. wet snow. stuck to roads. stoped and melted after 8.
Thursday December 31 2009 xxx 1.9" Snow 8am-12am. Stick to roads. compacted on side streets. would be no school if better timing. Flurries to end the year :)
Friday January 1 2010 xxx .25" Snow Periodic light snow during the PM and evening
Saturday January 2 2010 xxx .3" Snow Clearing overnight gave way to Am snow. taper off by 8. Snow cover roads. Slick. Compacted where it didnt melt.
Sunday January 3 2010 xxx .9" Snow PM snow. slushy/messy roads through monday am. no delay monday
Friday January 8 2010 2hour 1.6" Snow Sn overnight. ~.4" by am. coating on roads. light snow after 6am. Snow after noon.
Sun-Mon Jan 24-25 2010 no delay 1"& 1.2" Sn&R Sn Sun PM. change to rain before 12a. R Mon. Near total melt of all snow pack. High 56 on Mon.
Thursday January 28 2010 ED 1.75" Snow Start~6am covered roads by 730a. steady am snow. rapidly intermitten pm snow.
Wednesday February 3 2010 2hour .75" Snow Light sn overnight. Fairly dry. 3pm- ~6am
Wednesday February 3 2010 no delay T Snow Wed Afternoon sun snow shower. thin trace of snow on cars thursday AM
Wednesday February 10 2010 No school 2" Snow Start after 12a. 1.5" by 7a. 1.7"by 11a. Snowy roads. Lull 9a-4p. Partial melt. Roads melted. 0.25" through 9p. Messy Roads overnight through thursday AM. 2hour delay thursday
Thursday February 11 2010 2hour XXX Snow 2" Snow the day before. See Cancellation Wednesday February 10, 2010 image
Tuesday February 16 2010 No School 3.0" Snow Forcast 3-7inches. Start@~3a. light snow through am.0.4" on ground by 6a. limited road coverage. 2hour delay issued at 630a. moderate butst of snow 7-8a. Schools closed at 809a. Roads "wet" by ~9a. light/mod snow through 5pm w/ roads recovering. very close call. Slick roads overnight. 2hour delay Wednesday totals image
Wednesday February 17 2010 2hour XXX SnoW 3" Snow the day before. See Cancellation Tuesday February 16, 2010
Tuesday February 23 2010 No School 2.75" Snow Forcast:1-2". Start@~845asR. Sn@9p. ~0.5" by 6a. very wet/heavy snow Barely stuck to roads. Temps 30-31*. only 0.25-.75 on snowpack through 12p-melted as it fell. Didnt stick to roads till after 12p. Should have been ED. Only Wakill, Rondout, Onteora Closed. Mod. Sn during aftrenoon. Lull 6p-9p. 2.75" through 6p. Additional Sn after 9p. See Closing Wednesday Feb. 24, 2010 Headlines image
Wednesday February 24 2010 No School 5.0" Sn 5" 9p 2/23-3a 2/24 on top of 2.75 inches from day before. VERY sticky snow. Never seen snow that sticky before. 1-2 inches on close lines, twigs, and powerlines. Downed brances, and outtages. Horrible roads until plowed at 7am. Stickiness allowed for easy plowing. 7.5" snowpack Wed morning, after 0.25" compression in Tuesday lull. Up to 18" reported in Woodstock" drastic elevational differnces. up to 30 in Catskills. Headlines image
Thursday February 25 2010 No School 2.75" Sn Sn. Never got below freezing WedPM. Rain WedPM-8a. Sn@8a 1.75 by 1030. L.R@2p. Sn comprssed as it fell. total would've been higher. Messy roads by 830. big heavy flakes. WS! WUlster(woodstock) WWA Eulster. 20,000 outtages in UC. 5-7,000 in KCSD. 6th and last snow day. First time KCSD 3+ consecutive weather cancellations since possibly Floyd in sep'99. First 3SnDays since atleast blizz'96(2SnDays+2hr upped to SnD). Poss compare to blizz'93. Feb23-25 totals up to 21" in Rifton-SDutchass-NYC. Up to 4ft in Catskills. Headlines Kinston relatively uneffected. image
Friday February 26 2010 no delay 1" Sn Sn thru day. Wet. .25" by AM. no road accumulation. All Ulster/Putnum Cty schools closed except Kingston&Saugerties. Rhinebeck 2hr delay. See Cancellations Feburary 23-25, 2010 image
Wednesday March 3 2010 no delay .25" Sn Light snow over night through early am. Change to rain/taper off@8am. Wet snow. no road accumul.totals
Sunday March 14 2010 xxx T Hail light rain overnight. Trace coating of pea size hail in rifton from mid/late sun AM. Possible rifton tstorm seen on radar sun AM. Kingston Reports pea size hail ~12:30/1 PM. Before start of shamrock run/ St Patricks day parade. Chilly rain for parade. PK reports High 51 Low 40
March 28-30 2010 xxx 1.93"

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