Winter 2008- 2009
Total Snowfall Delays Early Dismissals Cancellations
40.00" 6 0 5
Day Date Year Closings Amount Type Note
tuesday Oct. 28 2008 no delay none sleet brief period of light sleet around 2 pm. Storm brought heavy rain earlier. 27" snow in catskills
wednesday Oct. 29 2008 no delay none flurries flurries on and off through out the day- mainly the afternoon
wednesday November 26 2008 xxx <Trace snow light flurries early morning hours. some "sticky" flakes. ened/melted@ 9:30am
sat-sun Dec. 06-07 2008 xxx .1" snow started@9p sat. light ss thru nite. flurries&v.light ss sun AM. end@~9/10am. stuck to roads thru morning. slick spots. melted by 12pmSun
mon-tue Dec. 08-09 2008 no delay .1" snow over nite: started after~11pmMon stopped by 6am tue. stuck to roads thru tue AM. similar to Dec. 06-07 2008
thursday December 11 2008 no delay none ice .1" ice dec 10-11;overnight. ice on non roads/some slippery sidewalks. most districts canceled
friday December 12 2008 no school .3" ice .1" ice dec 10-11;overnight. continued R freezing on non road surfaces thru dec 11. .3" by 6pm. some slick spots/downed tree/power lines.
wednesday December 17 2008 2hour 1.25" Snow SN10:30p-5a. LFrDr-6. Roads not totally clear. other districts 2hrD
friday December 19 2008 no school 8.5" Snow expected to begin@9. Closed based on bad predictions. Start@12p rates 1-1.5"/hr 1p-6p. SS aft 8p. ss -6p sat. sat would B no school-horrible roads. SN:R,10/15:1 Picture
Sunday December 21 2008 xxx 5" Snow began ~1-2am Sun. Continue thru ~2pm. Lite/ffy. Rds SN covered@8a. Would be N.S. SS /nite- coating. Slushy Rds Mon AM. 2hr poss.not likely.
Wednesday December 31 2008 xxx 3.25" Snow began ~3/4am. Continue through ~1:30 pm.Light fluffy. Winter Break.numerous car accidents. ~1 inch by 6am. Would be no school. Windy with some blowing. not a problem. bad roads through evening.
Friday January 2 2009 xxx dusting Snow brief shower ~1:30/2pm. winter break
Monday January 5 2009 2hour .05=coating ice freezing rain btw 12am&2am left solid coating Everywhere. Black ice on roads. Driveways all ice. hard to walk. Very underestimated
Thursday January 8 2009 2hour .01 ice Slush from Jan7 froze on roads. Black ice/slippery driveways prom period of light freezing drizzle
wednesday January 7 2009 no school .75"&1.0" SN&Ice snow began@~8pJan6-FR/ice pellets@~11p through 10:30a-light rain showers. Roads icy&slushy
Sat-Sun Jan 10-11 2009 xxx 5.2 Snow WS!Forecast 5-10in.S@~2p. Mix w/sleet@ times. R12-2a(unexpected). SnE@~6a. WouldB NS Sun. Roads bad thru PM
Thursday January 15 2009 2hour .3" Snow 2 hour delay. 0.3" SN. Vpowdery. 12a-6a
Sunday January 18 2009 xxx 3.2 Snow Start aft 12a. 3" by 10a. would be NS taper2SS. Roads cleared. SS throughout day. (.5)" by 10p. (.5)"= not enought to plow=messy roads through mon AM. would be 2hr mon→MLK=NS
wednesday January 28 2009 no school 5.75"&0.5" SN&Ice Start@12a. changed to fr@11:30. R@2p-7:30p. roads horrible in PM. were sheet of ice@ 4/5p. a bit clearer after heavire R@6- still unplowable packed slush/ice
Thursday January 29 2009 2hour Messy Slick Mess left over from Jan 28. SN@12a (29) Ice@11:30a. R@2p-7p. Rds compacted snow/ice. Blk ice on drive ways.
Friday January 30 2009 xxx .5" Snow between 6pm and 9pm. stuck to roads. might have been a delay saturday, probally not
Tuesday February 3 2009 no delay .8" Snow drizzle turned2 Light Sn ~5p Feb 2- ~5p Feb 3. Wet snow.Turned dry on Feb 3. didnt stick to roads- dusting on driveways/sidewalks. Continuous,light,gentle wind blown-blown off elevated areas
Thursday February 19 2009 2hour 1" Snow Overnight: start@~1pm. HSN-2pm. SS- 5pm. SN-12a. Stuck at roads after sunset. 1-1.5" on grass>roads. Roads not too bad in AM. Most clear. >Slushy Side rds.
Sunday February 22 2009 xxx .75" Snow light snow ~9a-6p. changed over to drizzle for a time. amt is approximate(was out of town@the time. returned Sunday night) Amt is conservative. likely 0.75"-1.25"
Thursday Feb 26 2009 no delay .1" FR Began 6am-7:30am. too late to issue delay. Roads coated in ice pellets. not to slick. stuck to roads enough to see car tracks
Monday March 02 2009 no school 1.5" SN Start@3a 1"by 6am. continue through 9/10am. lull in snow. snow showers during afternoon. Very windy. snow drifts 0-3 inches. roads not too bad. could have been a delay. WWA 10p 3/1- 10p 3/2. 4-8" continuously forcast. Powdery/granular. Distinguished snowflakes and sleet, esp. during pm image

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