November 2013 Snow Events
Total Snowfall Delays Early Dismissals Cancellations Snow events*
0.6" 0 0 1 2

*note: measurable snow events
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Winter 2013-2014

Day Date Year Closings Amount Road Amount Type Note
Saturday November 23 2013 xxx 0.1" 0.00" Sn Arctic cold front moved through the northeast bringing the coldest air of the season. Numerous lake effect snow showers across entire northeast as far as Long Island. Snow showers and scattered squalls associated. Reports of snow squalls affecting Woodstock around 5p and 10p. Reports of coated roads in Woodstock during 10p squall. Any snow coating in Kingston only lasted about an hour. Kingston received brief snow showers and possibly a brief squall between 5p and 10p, with reports of a coating on cars and grass. Small patches of snow remained in shady grassy areas through the 25th. Temperatures on the 23rd fell from 52@12a, 35@7p, 32@9p, 27@11p. DewPts fell from 41@12a to 9@11p. Radar
Tuesday November 26 2013 No School 0.5" 0.3 Sn S@~4a, Taper off around 6am. Initial clipper-type system enhanced precip development over PA to New England. Flurries at 6a. Some compression/melt between 6a and 7a. Flurries/light snow showers throughout morning, but no additional accumulation. Lull between 7a and 12p, snow showers picked back up around 12p through 4p, transition to drizzle by 5p. New round associated with precip development ahead of approaching nor'easter. General melt during day based of surface temp with patches of non-melt. Kingston initially issued two hour delay. Slick and coated roads at 7a. Overnight snow was not anticipated, and there was no salting of roadways. Broadway messy until about 8a or 9a. Kingston upgraded to no school at 8a due to slick untreated back roads and walkways. Untreated/travel surfaces remained coated until about 9am.
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