December 2012 Summary
Total Snowfall Delays Early Dismissals Cancellations Snow events*
11.50" 0 0 0 4

*note: measurable snow events

Day Date Year Closings Amount Road Amount Type Note
Saturday December 1 2012 xxx 0.2" 0.15" Sn Two evenly divided rounds of light snow overnight. ~12a-~3/4a, sunrise/early morning. Widely scattered across region.. no snow in highland/PK. Powdery, so coated roads.. made back roads a little slick— main roads fine. Temps <32 since4p Nov30, overnight: 27-29, >32 ~11a Dec1. Snow stuck to roads more than grass, 0.2" *estimated from car roof. Would have been difficult to forecast, but more than likely would have been a delay. See December 14, 2010 delay.
Sunday December 16 2012 xxx T 0.00" Fr S@~2a, E@~11a. Widely scattered overnight showers. A trace of Freezing rain between midnight and sunrise. Ice pellets. Only noticeable on some dirt surfaces, where it had gathered in little ditches, after sunrise. The frost that had been accumulating for several day was thicker on the grassy areas than the actual freezing rain was. Freezing rain advisory was issued for 6am to 11am but discontinued before 11am. Fr advsrs issued for multiple Binghamton counties.
Tuesday December 25 2012 xxx 0.75" 0.3" Sn S@1130p, E@7a. Band of Sn moved NE from Ohio/Mid atlantic states. Band broke in half around MHV- half to LI/CT/RI/MA, half to wNY/VT. Radar from Nrthern stream barely grazed Ulster county. Radar barely supported any MHV Sn. Wet snow w/ slghtly >0.25" on drive, backroads slick, main wet. All start to clear aft 730. Temp 31, 32@7a. Would have been 70D 10C. First Christmas snow since 2002.| | Fr'cst(6p): 78% 1-2" 9p-8a. Chc Fr 3-8a. Temp 26-29. WWA Ulster/Dutch/Litch (Upton/PA/CT) issued@430p 12/24 thru 6a 12/25. Less than impressive pre-radar. If school: (6p) 40D 30C. Fr'cst(9p): <1" Sn/Fr 30D 10C… contingent on actual Sn development.
Wed-Thur December 26-27 2012 xxx 6.25" 6.25" Sn S@6p, E@7a. Wet/HSn stuck instantly. up o 4 inches by midnight. Change over to Fr around 4/5a. Fr through 6/7a. Abt 1" Fr on top of sn. Up to 2" Fr in Pk. Roads slush/mess through late afternoon. Biggest snow in exactly 2 years. Pk temps 28/31 ^36, 33. WWA 3-7" 6p-7p. WS! Tx-ME. Bz! Ok-Oh. Fr'cst: 90% 5-10". WSW issued@430p 12/4 for Wed eve-Thur eve. Major Texas-NE storm. If school would have been 100C (forecast: 70C)
Saturday December 29 2012 xxx 4.3" 4.0" Sn S@1050a, E@10p. Steady sn throughout day. 980(?)mb OhValley low= moisture surge, 2edary low S boston= sNE(CT-ME) WS!, too far east 4NY. Light fluffy sn. Compacted on side roads side roads mess thru Sun AM. Temps: U20's, Max30. If school: 30C 40D, following AM: 20-30D WWA 3-6" 10a-4a. Frcst: 3" btw 11a-2a
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