November 2012 Summary
Total Snowfall Delays Early Dismissals Cancellations Snow events*
1.30" 0 1 0 2

*note: measurable snow events

Day Date Year Closings Amount Road Amount Type Note
Wednesday November 7 2012 Early Dismissal 0.7" 00.00" Sn S@~5p E@~9p. Temps 32-30. wet sn never fell hard or stuck to roads— ran into dry air W of river. Most schools ED, but prob wasn't necessary given forecast. WWA thru 7a Thur. Sn melted rapidly after stopped.. almost all gone by 12a. Virtually all gone by AM. 0.7" measured on car roofs, ~lesser amts on grass(?). Off shore nor'easter spread bands of snow west over region. WWA Main to Deleware. WS! NYMetro/NJ. Forecast: Chance sn by 10a. 50% chance sn by ~12-1p. Sn steady in PM, winding down by 2AM. SS thru ~7a. Total: 2-4". Had for'cst verified w/ road accu'ation= ~60% Delay for 11/8
Thursday November 8 2012 No Delay N/A N/A Sn See November 7, 2012 Early dismissal
Saturday November 24 2012 xxx 0.00" 0.00" Flurries Widespread lake effect snow event.. Vermont to Hudson Valley, West Virginia through Ohio. Frequent flurries throughout the day, some brief snow showers during the evening. Some larger lingering snowflakes on car roof, but otherwise no accumulations. Image Radar
Tuesday November 27 2012 xxx 0.6" 0.00" Sn S@~5a E@~2p. Well offshore low. Temps 31-34. Light snow, accu'tions <0.5" on grass, and cars. Max accu'tions 0.6" on few isolated cooler surfaces. Sn didn't stick to ground til ~630a. No road accu'tions. Temps +33 ~9a. Melted as it fell. Most accumulations gone by early PM. Forecast: 40% 0.1 - 0.2" by 7a, 70% 0.3-0.6" by 1p. Temps: +32 ~9a.
Friday November 30 2012 xxx T 0.00" Flurries Cloudy. Light flurries/SS during the afternoon. A trace of large flakes on some care windshields.
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