February 2012 Summary


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Avg. High: Avg. Low: Avg. February temp:
Day Date Year Closings Amount Road Amount Type Note
Wednesday February 8 2012 No Delay T 00.00" Sn Light snow developed around 10:30p and lasted until about 11:30p. Trace coating on cars and grass. No road accumulation. Widely scattered. Probably just flurries in most locations.
Saturday February 11 2012 xxx 00.15" 00.00" Sn Light snow developed at 3a. coating on cars/grass by 6am. Patchy coating on driveways/curbs. Light snow/flurries through 10a. melted immediately. Combination of arctic cold front/offshore low- - 1-2 inches forecasted. Strong, wind whipped flurries between about 8pm and 9pm- - front related
Monday February 13 2012 No Delay 00.00" 00.00" Sn Flurries overnight. Less than a trace of snow on car windshield.
Wednesday February 15 2012 No Delay 00.00" 00.00" Sn Flurries/drizzle overnight. Less than a trace of snow on some dirt surfaces.
Thursday February 16 2012 No Delay 00.75" 00.25" Sn L.Sn@~1130a. Temps 33-34. Wet. began sticking around noon. initially forecast to change over to rain. no change over. steady sn thru afternoon. began to stick to roads @~3p. quarter inch of slush/wet snow by early evening. snow taper off around 530p. began mix with rain. light drizzle after 8p. all done by 10p. temps hovering just above freezing— rapid snow compression/melt. most roads just wet by 10p. made 5 foot snow man :)
Friday February 24 2012 No School 03.25" 01.75" Sn Sn@~3a. Band of wet heavy snow through ~5am. began to taper off and compress around 6a. All residual done by 7a. Snowy roads turned to slush by 7a. Plowed roads totally clear. main roads just wet. side roads snowy/slushy. high h2o concentration helped road snow liquify fairly quickly. temps @ 32 @ 6a. temps @33 @ 8a. overnight lows ~30. Radar
Wednesday February 29 2012 Early Dismissal 04.30" 04.30" Sn Sn@949a. ED called@630a. stick to grass by 1030a. stick roads@ 1130a. wet roads. Coated and slick roads by 12p- -car accidents. Steady Sn through afternoon 2.7" by 2p. 4.3" by 3p. Lull@3:30p-~2a Thur. Light Driz during lull. Sn compress/liquefy- - some pooling water at blocked drains. Roads slushy- - mostly wet. plowed roads fine- - just wet


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