Weather Corner

Here is where you can find your weather necesities

Weather is like a boom…its's never in a bottle.

Hudson Valley Weather

Reporting from Kingston, N.Y. this link will send you to the latest 5 day forecast. You can access an up to date New York State region satellite ( Here is also where you can find current (sometimes) weather along with any current weather advisories or updates for the local area.

Tropical Systems

This page is still being expanded, but it is very much useable. Any and all northern hemisphere active tropical storms, depressions, and hurricanes can be found here. Chose from the Atlantic, East Pacific, West Pacific, or all 3 links to find a storm near you! (the west pacific is under construction). Find out where the storm is, where it's going, and what its gonna do.

Winter Weather

This page will send you to the ultimate question:
"Will there be school tomorrow?"
Find out the latest on potential snow storms and what the chances of a snow day are tomorrow. Here you can also find snow histories for the Kingston City School District.

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