Universal Secrets

we asked them, they told us…they wrong answer. They won't deny their universal secrets, instead they'll hide it in the veggies and trick it down your throat. Lets take a closer look at those "veggies".

Area 51

First off, how do you think that people first got the idea that the government was hiding dead aliens in the deserts of New Mexico? Really, i want you to think about that question before you keep reading. Where did people get that idea from? Sure, some wacko could have just made it up, but whose going to believe him? I mean, come on…20 hundred people walk around city streets every day saying stuff that we wouldnt think twice about. Who ever started this "rumor" had to have had a bigger "hand" on people's minds. THE GOVERNMENT. Think about it…what better to do than spread rumors about yourself. You spread the rumors before anyone can get "real" proof about it, everyone believes it, but at the same time they dismiss it because its an "urban legend" and they can't find any "real" proof. Now, i know what you're thinking…"spreading rumors about yourself is stupid"…well, in away your right. That brings us to a second question: "If you spread rumors about yourself and they're true, what if someone looks in to the rumor?" Well the government is NOT stupid (usually…sometimes) and that is why you DO spread rumors about yourself, BUT you change the facts… (its part of the "rumor").What do I mean change the facts? Well first you don't give out the real location…if you give out the real location then people are going to look there, so you tell them a fake location. However, the "fake" location can't be just anywhere, it has to be a "real" fake location. A location that is really a valid spot for "Area 51", somewhere that is isolated, no people, no one that would go snooping around…just the first sort of place that would pop into someone's mind, An empty desert, hence, Roswell, New Mexico. Where is the real place? I dont know, but is probally right under your nose.
Second, "fake" rumor fix, you change the name. Do you really think that they call it area 51?! Besides, Puerto Rico is already "Area 51"
This next point brings us back a little, do you remember when you read:

Who ever started this "rumor" had to have had a bigger "hand" on people's minds.

Well, now that we know whose "hand" it is, how do they put the "rumor" on everyone's mind? Lets think about this, what is the best way to get a message to everyone in America? The television! Right? So, to ensure that this "rumor" gets to everyone they make sure that it gets on to the television. That's right there is more to ET, Independance Day, The Abyss, and Transformers than just a movie. Now, there you have it: A perfect rumor that everyone believes, but dismisses, and because someone "made it up" in a movie we speculate it even more, but it still goes through us even more. Eat that for Breakfast!

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