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Christmas Day 2008

Kbtbrn |7:32 P.M.]|: what are the x's for?
xx NY eyes |7:33 P.M.|: theyre just space filler
xx NY eyes |7:33 P.M.|: haha
Kbtbrn |7:33 P.M.|: ah
Kbtbrn |7:33 P.M.|: i see
xx NY eyes |7:33 P.M.|: yeah not really all that interesting
Kbtbrn |7:34 P.M.|: you shoud use them to your advantage
xx NY eyes |7:35 P.M.|: ?
Kbtbrn |7:35 P.M.|: tell people the "story" behind them
Kbtbrn |7:36 P.M.|: "they are symbolic"
xx NY eyes |7:36 P.M.|: "…of the people ive killed"
Kbtbrn |7:36 P.M.|: sure
Kbtbrn |7:36 P.M.|: that works
Kbtbrn |7:37 P.M.|: you can have 2
Kbtbrn |7:37 P.M.|: or they can be roman numerals…

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