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Hurricane Kyle is out there

Hurricane Kyle

Kyle strengthened to a catagory 1 hurricane today. The storm is dealing with pretty a significant 25mph of wind shear, which is preventing it from really organizing. The shear should persist for the remainder of the storm's life and should prevent it from strengthening to mor than an 80mph storm.

The forecast for the storm still brings it northward to a landfall near the Maine/Canada border shortly after midnight on Monday as a 55-65 mph tropical storm. In advance of the storm a hurricane watch and tropical storm warning has been issued for extreme eastern Maine and southwestern Nova Scotia. A tropical storm watch is in effect for central portions of Maine, the remainder of Nova Scotia, and southwestern New Brunswic. There is still the potential that the waters off of Cape Cod could see storm force winds aswell. Rough surf will effect the entire coast from the carolinas northward. Kyle will likely drop 3-5 inches of rain over New England with parts of Canada potentially seeing 7 inches.

Interesting note: This is the Maine's first Hurricane Watch in 17 years!

Elsewhere in the Atlantic

There are 3 other possible areas of development in the Atlantic at this time. The First is located near the Yucatan Penninsula. The system has moderate convection, but lacks organization and a well established circulation. Some development of this system is possible over the next few days as it heads northwards. Whether or not it develops, the Florida penninnsula will see heavy rains. Development potential: 15%
The second area is in the open north Atlantic. This area has a well defined circulation, however, as of now it is extratropical. This area has the potential to aquire some tropical or sub-tropical characteristics as it drifts southwestward over the next few days. This system doesnt pose a threat to any land masses Development potential: 25%
The third area is in the central Atlantic. This system isnt organized and upper level winds arent favorable in the area. I do not expect this system to develop. Development potential: <5%

Development Potential: 85%

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