12PM Tuesday January 16, 2018
The weather right now is like being in a snow factory. What I mean by this is we literally have an assembly line that has been working to produce snow for us since 5AM this morning, and will continue to go for another 24 hours.

The backbone of the assembly line is a frontal boundary that is draped across the eastern US. This frontal boundary is our conveyor belt. It is transporting packages of moist air from the south. And you can actually see it in the current radar - take a look:

So far this morning, the packages of moist air being transported by this conveyor belt have been steady, but actually pretty dry. The moisture has been just barely enough to produce some snow, so that snow has been very light (we've gotten about half an inch of snow over the past seven hours). But the conveyor belt is also transporting packages of air that are more moist. These more moist air packages will arrive locally this afternoon -by around 3pm. If you remember the update from last night, these are the packages of moisture that were initially expected to kick off the snow. Once the additional moisture arrives, we should see snowfall rates start to pick up a bit.

This will continue through about midnight. Around midnight a low-pressure currently developing off the North Carolina coast will start working on the conveyor belt. At that time, this low will basically walk along the conveyor belt splashing extra moisture into the packages. This extra moisture will help to increase our snowfall rates beginning around 2AM. This should all continue through the morning …say about 10AM or so… until the conveyor belt and the low shift off to our east. All-in-all this should result in about six inches of snow for the local area. And that's it - our snow factory!

January 16, 2018 10:39PM
Drove through uptown around 9pm. At the time there was about 2 inches of snow. Snow will continue overnight before tapering off around 10AM. County-wide, most areas will see an additional 3 to 5 inches overnight, producing storm totals up to about 7 inches. Enjoy the snow, and stay safe!
Good Morning!
Yesterday's 8.0 inches of snow in Kingston has made for quite a scenic morning today. Down by the river it wasn't just the snow that was making art, but the water itself. The moisture released by the open shipping channel resulted in some pretty stunning frost along the river. That's not snow on the close up twigs - it's frost! Additionally the temperature difference between the "warm" river (~35F) and the frigid air (~0F) resulted in some pretty thick winter fog over the water in the background. From Kingston Point, it was enough to block the view of the Rhinecliff Bridge.
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