Monday January 6

Dry week; warm & wet weekend
School Forecast through:
Friday January 10th
Last Updated: 8:00PM Monday January 6, 2020
Delay No School Early Dismissal

7:30PM Monday

After some flurries this morning, we're in for a few days of calm weather. The main weather event this week will be yet another rain storm Saturday into Sunday. With the exception of Thursday, temperatures this week will be above average.

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Tuesday will feature clear skies in the morning with increasing clouds throughout the day. A coastal storm will pass well to our south Tuesday night resulting in a cloudy Wednesday. The precipitation with this storm is only likely to make it about as far inland as NYC, so Wednesday should remain dry. Clouds clear for Thursday, but a brief shot of cold air behind the coastal storm will leave us with colder temperatures that struggle to reach freezing. On Friday, however, a more significant storm will approach. This storm will produce a surge of warm moist air. The result will be some rain showers Saturday afternoon with a steadier rain into Sunday. The wet weather will be accompanied by even warmer temperatures that are likely to reach the 50s this weekend. No snow is anticipated this week.

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As mentioned in last week's update, we are in a warm weather pattern. This pattern began a week before the new year, and since then temperatures have averaged about ten degrees above average. This pattern appears likely to continue through at least next Friday, but may begin to change during the last week or two of January. Until then, the pattern will continue to support above average temperatures with wet weather roughly every 5 to 7 days. No appreciable snow is currently anticipated through at least next weekend.



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