Monday December 9

Wet start to the week
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Wednesday December 11th
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3:30AM Monday

After a chilly, but pleasant weekend, an active week is on tap! Rain will fall today, with a chance of rain on Tuesday. Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, possibly looking at some light snow before the sun comes out on Thursday. Clouds increase Friday with rain back in the picture by the weekend.

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Today. A storm moving through the Great Lakes will send a surge of warm(er) moist air through the region today into Tuesday. Looking for a steady rain to develop after 7AM and last throughout much of the day. Steady rain is likely to taper off or to showers Monday night. Clouds remain on Tuesday with just a chance of rain showers throughout the day. Temperatures should reach the mid-40s this afternoon and remain steady or rise a few degrees Monday night, likely getting up near 50 by mid-day Tuesday. Tuesday morning should feel quite mild.

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Tuesday afternoon, a strong cold front will move through. After peaking near 50, Tuesday's temperatures will fall below freezing after sunset. As the leading edge of cold air barrels through it will trigger a swath of precipitation across parts of the region. At this time, it appears likely that this precipitation will affect us. Precipitation may start before temperatures fall below freezing Tuesday night, so a new round of rain showers will be possible Tuesday evening. However, it appears that any rain showers may changeover to snow Tuesday night as temperatures fall into the upper 20s. There is the potential for light snow between roughly 10PM Tuesday and 7AM Wednesday. Once any snow stops on Wednesday, it should be dry through Friday. The second half of the week will be much colder with temperatures in the teens to 30s.

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Regarding the snow potential for Tuesday night… confidence in snow actually materializing is moderate. At this time, snow is likely to fall in a swath along an axis that parallels the coast from Virginia to Boston. Exactly where this swath lines up will play a large role in how much snow we see. Here in NY, it currently appears that this swath should be mainly south of Albany, with the best snow potential south of Ulster County. If the eventual placement of this snow swath is further south than currently projected, our snow potential will decrease; if it is further north, our snow potential will increase. These possibilities are currently reflected in the "extreme range" on the snow gauge. Based on the timing and potential amounts, there is currently potential for impacts to the Wednesday morning commute.

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