Wednesday February 6

Attention shifting to next possible storm

School Forecast through:
Friday February 8th
Last Updated: 12:00PM Wednesday February 6, 2019
Delay No School Early Dismissal


12PM Wednesday

Today, rain showers should move in around 4PM. Rain showers will be possible until shortly after midnight. There is a slight chance that we could see some ice pellets mix in early tonight, but ice accumulations are not expected. Thursday remains mostly dry with the possibility of light rain moving in in the evening around 7PM. More overnight light rain showers are possible Thursday night, and then Friday remains dry. Temperatures on Thursday and Friday should make the 40s. Colder air moves in for the weekend with Saturday and Sunday only getting up to around 30.

Attention shifts to next possible storm.

Since Sunday, KingstonSnows has been eyeballing a potential accumulating snow event for next week. At this time there is a moderately-high amount of confidence that some form of storm will develop and move through our region in the Tuesday - Thursday timeframe. As this storm moves through it would likely produce some combination of rain/snow, depending on how well cold air remains anchored near the ground. This storm is still a week out, but at the moment, it does have some resemblance to our two other 9-inch storms this winter, and KingstonSnows is inclined to favor a colder scenario with more snow than rain. That being said, it is too early to even offer a meaningful "extreme" snow range for this potential storm. While we wait for storm details to become clearer, check out this afternoon's Facebook post on how KingstonSnows makes its Snow Gauges! >>LINK<<

School Impact Outlook
Updated: Wednesday February 6th
For February 11th through February 15th

Day (Date) Snow/Ice Delay Cancellation Early Dismissal
Monday (11) Very Low Very Low Very Low Very Low
Tuesday (12) Medium Very Low Low Medium
Wednesday (13) Medium Low Medium Low
Thursday (14) Medium Low Low Very Low
Friday (15) Very Low Very Low Very Low Very Low

School impact outlooks offer a general sense of upcoming conditions, but are not specific forecasts.

Season Forecast
5:00AM Wednesday January 2nd

Kingstonsnows is formally forecasting a total of 34 inches of snow this winter, with a likely range of 22 to 46 inches. This forecast is below the average seasonal total of 44.8 inches.


Although the forecast anticipates a likely range of 22 to 46 inches, there is about a 25% chance of less than 22 inches of snow, and a 25% chance of more than 46 inches of snow. It is important to remember that it only takes one well placed nor'easter to dump significant snowfall. Additional details about how the forecast is made can be found HERE. We'll see how the forecast holds up by April!


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