Sunday November 18

Light snow possible next two nights

School Forecast for:
Monday November 19th
Last Updated: 7:00AM Sunday November 18th
Delay No School Early Dismissal


7PM Sunday

A narrow stripe of snow is currently across central New York with light snow now falling in parts of the Catskills. This band will make its way increasingly southward tonight with some very light snow possible. Overall, really not looking for more than a light dusting of snow mainly on colder surfaces like cars and grassy/snowy surfaces. Temperatures are currently 34 degrees and will remain just barely cold enough to support snow. Road impacts are not anticipated. Still eyeing second potential round of snow Monday night into Tuesday. Main changes today have suggested a slight northward shift in the storm's eventual track. This would result in the main moisture being shunted north of us while also raising our temperatures slightly. But light accumulations are still possible. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

7AM Sunday

Our cold, wintry weather pattern will continue for this week with light snow possible tonight and Monday night. Snow accumulations will be possible both nights, although Monday night's potential snow looks to be more impactful.

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The first chance of light snow will be tonight. A stripe of moisture currently working its way through parts of the Mid-West will gradually push into our region late this afternoon. There is not much moisture associated with this system, so any snow should be light or even intermittent. Light snow or snow showers will be possible mainly after 5PM. However, temperatures are currently in the 33 to 35 degree range, and are likely to rise several degrees into the upper 30s today. Not much cooling is anticipated tonight with temperatures only falling to right around the freezing mark. These marginal temperatures combined with the light nature of any snow should limit any potential road impacts. In all, less than an inch of snow is likely mainly on colder surfaces before precipitation tapers off as either drizzle or flurries Monday morning.


Monday remains cloudy as a second system approaches Monday night. This storm looks to be a bit more potent than Sunday night's and looks to develop a little further south. This suggests that precipitation could be a little heavier and temperatures could be slightly colder. Temperatures are likely to run in the lower 30s. Light snow is most likely to develop after midnight and continue into Tuesday morning. Any accumulations with this storm will depend mainly on how much moisture it is able to draw in as it approaches the Atlantic Coast. More moisture means that it will have the ability to produce more precipitation, less moisture would result in lower totals. There is currently the potential for a few inches of snow with this storm, which impact the morning commute on Tuesday. Storm clears out by noon on Tuesday.


Chilly conditions look to persist for the remainder of the week.

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