Wednesday November 13

Storm Poised for Tomorrow

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Friday November 16th
Last Updated: 9:00PM Wednesday November 14th
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9PM Wednesday

Tonight's radar reveals a potent system taking shape to our south. Over the next 36 hours, this storm is poised to bring the first snowfall to many parts of the northeast, including Kingston.


Tonight, temperatures fall into the lower 20s. Dry start to the day tomorrow. Steadily increasing clouds with overcast skies. Maximum temperatures barely rise to the freezing mark. Snow begins to enter Ulster County between 3pm and 5pm. Snow should have no trouble sticking, and roads are likely to begin deteriorating within the first hour or so. Steady snow, of moderate intensity, continues through about midnight. Looking for about three inches of snow during this time. Around midnight, snow begins to mix with sleet. Mix of snow, sleet, and ice pellets through about 7AM. An additional inch or so of accumulation possible during this time. Still a bit of uncertainty regarding the last few hours of the storm between about 7am and 10am. If precipitation tapers off, it will likely do as as drizzle. However, there's been some support for a quick "pulse" of residual moisture during these last three hours which could actually drop temperatures slightly allowing for a brief change over back to snow. Will favor a sleet/drizzle ending for now.


All in all, road conditions look to be impacted Thursday evening through Friday morning. First half of the storm is snow with most of the accumulations. Second half is sleet with less accumulation but potentially icy conditions on top of the snow that's already fallen. Based on the current timing, not really expecting local early dismissals Thursday (20%, Low) though after school activities are probably likely to be cancelled.

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12PM Wednesday

Confidence remains high for tomorrow night's storm with no significant changes this morning. Storm looks to begin with a period of snow starting early Thursday evening. Snow should fall through about midnight, and this will be the best time for accumulations. After midnight, snow is likely to mix with sleet which should level off the accumulations but allow for a continuation of slick conditions. Sleet is likely to transition to rain after daybreak. If confidence increases that frozen precipitation may extend through daybreak, then the probabilities may need to be adjusted to reflect better cancellation chances. For now, will defer any adjustments until later. Additionally, although early dismissals are not anticipated for Thursday, it would not be surprising to see after-school activities cancelled especially if the storm develops slightly earlier than currently projected.


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7PM Tuesday

First winter storm of the season continues to be forecast for Thursday into Friday. Cold air will be in place over the region on Thursday with high temperatures just making it to the lower 30s. Developing storm system will move in from the south Thursday afternoon with snow now expected to develop during the late afternoon or early evening. Snow is likely to continue through at least 12AM Friday with much of the accumulations likely occurring during this timeframe. After midnight, snow is increasingly likely to mix with and change over to sleet. While sleet still has many of the icy properties of snow, it simply does not accumulate as well, so there may be a leveling off of the accumulation amounts after midnight. Liquid rain is likely to begin mixing in sometime after 4am and gradually taper off through the morning. Key factors that will determine exact accumulation totals and impacts are 1) how heavily snow falls Thursday evening, and 2) how long the transition from sleet to rain takes Friday morning. Today, there has been a slight trend toward heavier precipitation Thursday evening, resulting in the potential for moderate to heavy accumulations. This has been acknowledged in the "extreme range", however the "likely range" remains more conservative at this time.


Based on the current trends, it is likely that the National Weather Service will issue a winter weather alert sometime on Wednesday. For a refresher on what different alerts mean, check out today's Facebook post on "Understanding winter weather alerts": Link!

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6PM Monday

The first of two storms this week will bring rain from about 12AM tonight through tomorrow morning. No snow/sleet accumulation. Attention instantly turns to second storm for Thursday-Friday. Since this morning, there really hasn't been much change, but rather an increase in confidence of the previous forecast. Cold air in place over the region on Thursday (temperatures in the 30s), will set the stage for a potential snow event. A storm will approach from the south with precipitation likely overspreading the area Thursday evening. Precipitation is likely to start as or quickly change to snow. As the storm progresses, it will gradually erode the cold air changing snow over to sleet then eventually rain on Friday. Snow/Sleet amounts will be very dependent on how long it takes to erode the cold air, but it is possible that it could take most of the night. With plenty of moisture to work with, the potential exists for several inches of accumulation.


With the storm still being three days away, there is certainly the potential for the snow gauge to shift. The ranges are expected to eventually narrow down and a specific forecast will be issued as confidence increases. In the meantime, check out today's Facebook post on Winter Precipitation to learn about the differences between snow, sleet and other frozen precipitations: Link!

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12AM Monday

The average date of Kingston's first snow is November 30th, meaning that half of all winters see snow before then. Two storms will roll through the region this week. With increasingly cold air moving over the region, there is the potential for some wet snow or frozen precipitation at the onset of the second storm.


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Today we'll see generally clear and calm conditions as a storm system develops well to our south over Texas. Tonight the storm will move up the coast bringing rain after midnight. Temperatures will be in the mid to upper 30s as the precipitation begins, so it is possible that some sleet may fall with the rain. However, if sleet does mix in it will be too warm for it to accumulate. Additionally, as the storm progresses, it will erode cold air above the ground changing any sleet over to plain rain. Rain should taper off by Tuesday afternoon. Behind the storm colder air will filter into the region for Wednesday and Thursday. We'll see intervals of sun and clouds Wednesday and Thursday as high temperatures fall into the 30s; low temperatures will dip into the 20s. This cold air will set the stage for potential snow Thursday night as a second storm moves in. The storm will be very similar to tonight's, but with colder air in place it is likely to begin as wet snow Thursday night. Best chance of snow will be after sunset Thursday. A gradual transition from snow to sleet to rain is likely Thursday night into Friday morning. This storm will need to be monitored this week, but there is currently the potential for light snow accumulation.

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School Impact Probability
Updated: November 12, 2018

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Very Low Very Low Very Low
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Very Low
School impact probabilities offer a general sense of upcoming conditions, but are not specific forecasts.

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