Tuesday October 16

First frost likely this week

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Friday October 19th
Last Updated: 12AM Tuesday October 16th
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12AM Tuesday

Now that we are halfway through October, we're at the part of the season when we typically see our first frost. This year seems to be on track with our first frost likely arriving before the weekend.

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After a rainy Monday, our weather will feature clearer and drier conditions for the remainder of the work/school week. The main highlight will be our temperatures. A cold front has moved through in the wake of Monday's rain. This will make Tuesday feel about 10 degrees colder than Monday, and highs will be in the mid-50s. On Wednesday a second disturbance with not much moisture will move through bringing a second cold front. This will likely drop our high temperatures into the 40s by Thursday. The real impact will be felt in the overnight temperatures. Both Wednesday and Thursday nights the combination of the cool, dry air and a generally cloud-free skies will allow temperatures to drop into the lower 30s, and by Friday there is a good chance that we will have seen our first below-freezing night of the season. A third storm system, currently over Alaska, will drop down through Canada by Friday briefly drawing some warmer and more moist air into the region to start the weekend.

Image Caption: After a brief surge of warmth (orange arrow), cooler air (green arrows) will filter in behind Monday's storm (1). On Wednesday, a second storm (2) will bring even cooler air into the region (blue arrows). It is the air behind this cold front that will likely bring our first frost of the season. By Friday, a third storm system (3) will dip out of Alaska and bring a surge of warmer and wetter air into the region to start the weekend. The yellow star represents the Mid-Hudson Valley.


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