Friday March 23

Welcome to Spring!

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Friday March 30th
Last Updated: 3PM Friday March 23, 2018
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The Forecast
12PM Friday March 23rd

With Wednesday's whopping 0.1 inches of snow now behind us, it appears that spring will begin to settle in. At this time, no snow is anticipated through at least Friday the 30th. Four of the past 13 winters have recorded snow after March 30th so we can't completely rule out late season snowflakes or an April cold snap, but by and large, winter 2017-2018 has come to a close.


Unless a credible snow threat re-enters the picture, this is the last planned update of the season. During the off season, I recommend the National Weather Service at for routine, reliable weather updates. You can also get free severe weather alert notifications from - this is what I use and recommend.

Winter Recap
3PM Friday March 23rd

This winter Kingstonsnows issued its first ever season snow forecast. The forecast was issued on December 12th and called for "a slightly above average" season with a forecast total of 48 inches of snow. As of March 23rd, the season's actual total is 46 inches, which is "slightly above average". For context, the amount of snowfall in a single winter has ranged anywhere from 11 to 72 inches over the past thirteen years. The forecast was based on the science of previous years, and appears to have been endorsed by luck. The overall average temperature from December 1st through March 22nd was 30 degrees, which is one degree above average.



  • First snow: December 9th
  • New Year's Cold Wave: Very cold air the last week of December and first week of January. During these two weeks the average temperature was only 11.5 degrees, and we rang in the new year with a temperature of -10. The cold peaked at -14 degrees on January 7th. Seven daily record cold temperatures were set during this arctic outbreak.
  • January whip-lash: Less than a week after our Cold Wave temperatures rose to a maximum of 62 on January 12th. The 12th and 13th set three record warm temperatures.
  • January 17th Snowstorm: 8.0 inches; second biggest snowfall of the season.
  • February Heatwave: No notable snow events occurred in February, but the month did feature unusual warmth. The heat peaked February 21st as the temperature reached 76 degrees! This was the warmest temperature ever recorded locally in February, surpassing the previous record of 74 which was set just last year. At the time, it was only two degrees short of the warmest February temperature ever recorded in all of New York State (78) - La Guardia airport down in NYC broke the state record by recording 79 the same day.
  • February Whiplash: 1.1 inches of snow fell February 22nd. The high temperature the previous day was 76 degrees.
  • March Nor'easters: Four major nor'easters affected the northeastern states. Each one dropped a maximum of over two feet of snow in various locations keeping us on our toes, but Ulster County got pretty lucky. Of all four nor'easters the only one that really "got us" was on March 7th. 10.5 inches of snow fell during this storm making it our greatest snowfall of the season, and out 10th biggest snowfall since at least November 2004. The first nor'easter on March 2nd produced about 1.9 inches of rain in Kingston.

Thank you for following along on this wintry ride; I hope you enjoyed this winter as much as I did.


- Ethan

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