So, Where 's The Snow

So, where's the snow?

Saturday December 2, 2017

Welcome to December!

Having crossed over into December, we now enter the coldest part of the year. From December 7th through March 7th the average temperature here in the Mid Hudson Valley is just 28 degrees making this time period the coldest 90-day stretch on the calendar. But while, the cold is fascinating (to some) the real question on everyone's mind when winter rolls around is always, "what about the snow?!"

For the past 13 winters here in Kingston, the average date of the first measurable snowfall has been November 27th. Of the thirteen winters, two have started in October six have started in November, and five started in December. The record earliest first snowfall was October 27, 2016 while the record latest was December 29, 2015.

So far this year, we have not had a weather pattern that is favorable for snow. As mentioned on the home page, the shape of the jet stream plays a significant role in the type of weather that we experience: a flat jet stream makes for calm weather, while a wavy one makes for more extreme weather. Since early November, we have experienced a flat jet stream. This has made for calm, mild weather. However, over the next week we will transition to a much more wavy jet stream. This set up generally favors more extreme temperatures (cooler than normal for us in this case) and increased precipitation. The current jet stream transition combined with temperatures capable of falling below freezing, suggest that it is pretty likely that our first measurable snowfall will occur during the second or third week of December.


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