Tuesday January 30 2017

Light snow today

School Forecast for:
Tuesday January 31st
Last Updated: 5:30AM Tuesday January 31st

Two Hour Delay No School Early Dismissal
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10AM Tuesday Update

Snow has developed very quickly this morning.
Since flakes began falling at 9:30am, a solid coating has developed on all surfaces, and side roads are already deteriorating. Steady snow will continue through 3pm. Snow showers will likely become more intermittent after 3pm with a lull before a second flare up of snow possible between 7pm and 10pm. Still anticipating totals to be between one and two inches.

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5:30AM Tuesday Update

Today's storm looks to be on track.
It is currently 19 degrees and partly cloudy in Kingston.
Clouds will increase quickly this morning. Snow should develop around 11am with a coating possible by noon. Around an inch of snow is likely by 3pm. An additional half inch or so will be possible through 7pm. Maximum temperatures today should be around
28 to 30 degrees.

Still looking at a moderate probability of early dismissal. If there is no early dismissal, there is a stronger chance that after-school activities will be impacted.


10PM Update

Overall picture remains largely unchanged for tomorrow.
Anticipating snow to develop during the late morning. Temperatures are still expected to be in the 20's so snow should have no trouble sticking to all surfaces. A coating is possible by noon. Accumulations could approach an inch by 3pm. Steady snow should persist through about 3pm, with additional snow possible through 7pm. Any additional late afternoon should be less than an inch with storm totals being between one and two inches.

Given the current forecast, there is a moderate probability of an early dismissal tomorrow. Kingston averages just one or two early dismissals per year. The one thing that will be monitored overnight is the potential for dry air. Sometimes with weaker storms, dry air at the ground can evaporate snow as it falls. In some cases this can delay snow onset times. This doesn't seem to be an issue at the moment, but it's worth mentioning in a forecast like this. No promises, but I'll aim for an early morning update tomorrow.

5PM Monday Update

A weak winter storm diving out of Canada will spread light snow over the area on Tuesday. Currently anticipating snow to begin around mid-day …between 10am and 1pm… and continue through the evening. Temperatures will generally be in the low to mid-20s, so snow should be powdery and not have any issue sticking. A coating is possible as early as noon, and totals near 2 inches are currently anticipated by Tuesday night.

The storm trends have been pretty consistent
over the past day or so, so not anticipating significant developments this evening. A 10PM update will be posted.

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8PM Saturday Update

Temperatures have been running well above normal this January. As we transition into February we'll see temperatures settle a bit closer to average (mid 30's). Overall, the coming week will be fairly quiet. Tuesday will be the exception with light snow ❄️️ possible as a weak storm system approaches from the northwest. There is the potential for up to an inch or so of accumulation.

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Extended outlooks offer a general sense of upcoming conditions, but are not specific forecasts.

School Impact Probability
January 30th - February 3rd
Last Updated: Saturday January 28th

Delay Cancellation Early Dismissal
Monday (30th) Very Low Very Low
Very Low
Tuesday (31st)
Very Low
Wednesday (1st)
Very Low Very Low Very Low
Thursday (2nd)
Very Low Very Low Very Low
Friday (3rd)
Very Low Very Low Very Low

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Last Updated: Saturday January 28th
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