Tuesday January 24 2017

Slick conditions into evening

School Forecast for:
Wednesday January 25th
Last Updated: 10:00PM Tuesday January 24th

Two Hour Delay No School Early Dismissal
40% 0%

10PM Tuesday Update

The evening snow and sleet has tapered off in Kingston.
We could still see some light showers through about midnight, but everything is over for the most part. Road are either wet or slushy around Kingston. Precipitation has tapered off pretty early in the night, however, we could see some black ice form as temperatures hold in the lower 30s. For this reason a delay is possible, but slightly less than "likely".


4PM Tuesday Update

As a bright side to today's storm, it now at least looks like the appropriate season outside! Light rain ☔ and sleet ❄️️ will continue through this evening. Little sleet accumulation anticipated, but it will make for very slick conditions on untreated roadways Automobile symbol. Tonight's temperatures should drop down to around 30, so there could be some black ice, but rapid freezing is not anticipated. Expect a few breaks of sun ☀ tomorrow as temperatures make it into the mid-40s, which is 10 degrees above normal for late January Fire Facebook symbol .

Thursday looks to be the next shot at active weather.
Currently this only looks to be light passing rain showers.


6AM Tuesday Update

As you're waking up this morning, you may be wondering "what exactly is on the ground"? And the answer is sleet! Sleet happens when there is a wedge of warm air above the surface of the Earth. Falling ice crystals (aka snowflakes) pass through the warm air, partially melt, but then refreeze before reaching the ground. Sleet can vary in appearance from clumps of miniature-looking snowballs to clear ice pellets. Today's sleet is of the ice pellet variety and the total as of 5:45am was 1.7 inches.

All school districts in Ulster County have closed today, but be safe and take it very slow if you must head out this morning!

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Extended-Outlook School Impact Probability
January 23rd - January 27th
Last Updated: Sunday January 22nd

Delay Cancellation Early Dismissal
Monday (23rd) Very Low Very Low
Tuesday (24th)
Medium Medium
Very Low
Wednesday (25th)
Very Low Very Low Very Low
Thursday (26th)
Very Low Very Low Very Low
Friday (27th)
Very Low Very Low Very Low

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