Sunday January 22 2017

Stormy start to the week

School Forecast for:
Monday January 23rd
Last Updated: 5:00PM Sunday January 22nd

Two Hour Delay No School Early Dismissal
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Sunday January 22nd

The main weather headline this week will be a large intense storm system that will affect the region. The storm's components are already bring severe weather across the southern US, and will move up the coast over the next two days. Timing of impacts in the Kingston area look to be Monday through Tuesday. Currently, rain is likely through most of this period. Monday night could see a mix or change-over to snow for a period. Thanks largely in part to the anomalous warmth that we have been experiencing lately, there is still quite a bit of uncertainty of how much -if any- snow we will see. Temperatures Monday night are currently anticipated to be right around the threshold capable of supporting some slushy snow, however, a few degrees warmer could easily result in all rain, while a few degrees colder could result in a moderate snowfall. The following forecast reflects current thinking, but could very well shift over the next 24 hours.

Monday and Tuesday

Rain developing after 1PM.
Rain, sleet, and snow possible between 7PM and 5AM.
Up to two inches or so of wet snow is possible.
Breezy overnight.
Rain likely Tuesday morning.
Rain possible through Tuesday evening.
High around 40 Monday, in the lower 40s Tuesday.
Overnight low in the lower 30s.
Total rainfall of 1 to 2 inches.

Wednesday through Friday

Dry and generally partly cloud.
Highs generally in the mid-40s.
Lows in the lower to mid-30s.


Photo caption: The upcoming storm can be seen as a sprawling mass of clouds of clouds currently over the eastern US. Rain is falling under most of those clouds while severe weather, including tornadoes, exists along the Florida/Georgia border.

Extended-Outlook School Impact Probability
January 23rd - January 27th
Last Updated: Sunday January 22nd

Delay Cancellation Early Dismissal
Monday (23rd) Very Low Very Low
Tuesday (24th)
Medium Medium
Very Low
Wednesday (25th)
Very Low Very Low Very Low
Thursday (26th)
Very Low Very Low Very Low
Friday (27th)
Very Low Very Low Very Low

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