Wednesday January 11 2017

Wet and mild

School Forecast for:
Wednesday January 11th
Last Updated: 6:00AM Tuesday January 10th

Two Hour Delay No School Early Dismissal
20% 0%

Tuesday January 10th

The next few days will feature mild and wet conditions as two storms impact the region.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Cloudy today as the first storm approaches. Temperatures rise into the upper 20s this afternoon. A chance of snow showers after 5pm. Rain likely between 10PM Tuesday and 6AM Wednesday, then mainly cloudy for Wednesday. Temperatures reach the lower to mid 40s for Wednesday. There is the potential for half an inch or snow of snow accumulation this evening. Additionally, tonight the ground will be slower to warm than the air. As rain sets in late tonight, a light glaze of ice will be possible on the ground.

Thursday and Friday

Second storm impacts the region Thursday into Friday. Again, cloudy on Thursday with a slight chance of rain showers throughout the day. Rain likely after 1PM. Partly cloudy skies on Friday. Temperatures should push 50 degrees on Thursday before maxing out in the mid 30s for Friday afternoon.

New Computer!

So, you may have noticed a lack of updates over the past week or two. This is because my computer died. The new computer has arrived, though, so regular updates will now resume. The new computer is my first Mac, however, so I'm still figuring out how to make graphics, so forecasts will be a bit text-heavy for a while, but fear-not Kingstonsnows will be back in action with all sorts of cool stuff very soon!


Extended-Outlook School Impact Probability
January 16 - January 20th
Last Updated: Tuesday January 10th

Delay Cancellation Early Dismissal
Monday (16th) Very Low Very Low
Very Low
Tuesday (17th)
Medium Low Very Low
Wednesday (18th)
Very Low Very Low Very Low
Thursday (19th)
Very Low Very Low Very Low
Friday (20th)
Very Low Very Low Very Low

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