Wednesday December 14 2016

Light snow showers tonight

School Forecast for:
Tuesday December 14th
Last Updated: 12:00AM Wednesday December 14, 2016

Two Hour Delay No School Early Dismissal
20% 0% 0%

12:00AM Wednesday

The clouds that painted a fresh frosting of snow this evening have thinned enough to reveal the final full moon of 2016. Total snow in the City of Kingston was 0.9 inches between 7pm and 12am. A full update on the coming cold snap and the weekend snow threat will be posted tomorrow.

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10:00PM Tuesday

Light snow should taper off by 2am. Accumulations should remain under an inch. The 20% chance of a delay is related to the potential for black ice as temperatures fall into the mid-20s later tonight. A full update on Thursday/Friday's intense cold snap and Saturday's likely snow event will be posted tomorrow.

Tuesday December 13th

A weak cold front will move through the region tonight. Light rain showers will be possible after 5pm; light snow showers will be possible after 7/8pm. A light coating of snow -on the order of a dusting to less than half an inch— is possible by the time everything tapers off around 1am tonight.


The attached annotated image is of the current water vapor.
Areas of drier air appear browner while more moist areas appear blue. Identifiable are 1) approaching showers, 2) a weak cold front, and 3) an arctic air-mass.

Monday December 12th

This sign on Washington Ave. may have a job to do, but the Kingston City School District is CLOSED! Snow will gradually taper off this morning, ending by 9am with a total around
four inches for Kingston.

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The main headline for the remainder of the week will be the temperatures. Today, temperatures should moderate to around 40, but it will become increasingly cold this week. The atmospheric polar jet stream will dip far to our south by Wednesday allowing frigid arctic air to spill into New York State. Temperatures will likely remain in the 20s on Thursday and Friday, and temperatures could even fall into the single digits Thursday night. As far as the precipitation, the remainder of this week will be calm and dry as a couple of weak storms skirt around our region. The closest that we'll likely get to seeing more snow will be some possible snow showers or flurries Tuesday night and on Thursday. These will be mainly associated with cold fronts moving into the area. Accumulations are not anticipated.

Now is the time to ensure that your heating sources
are adequate for the cold snap.

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Please take extra time and drive
cautiously if you must travel today.

The November "Photo of the Month" has been updated!

It features a shot of the sun setting behind the very low water levels at the Ashokan Reservoir. The low water levels are thanks to the ongoing drought.


To find To check out previous month's photos,
click the "Photo of the Month" link on the side panel. For a recap of November's weather along with the most recent drought update, click the "Kingstonsnows Extras" link on the side panel.

Extended-Outlook School Impact Probability
December 12th - December 16th
Last Updated: Sunday December 11th

Delay Cancellation Early Dismissal
Monday (12th) Moderate Moderate
Very Low
Tuesday (13th)
Very Low Very Low Very Low
Wednesday (14th)
Very Low Very Low Very Low
Thursday (15th)
Very Low Very Low Very Low
Friday (16th)
Very Low Very Low Very Low

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