Friday November 18 2016

Facebook Update

Have you heard rumors about snow on Sunday? Well, it's pooossible.

A storm system will move through the region late this weekend producing a period of steady rain late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. Showers may linger throughout the day on Sunday. As the storm moves through, cold air will filter into the region. The result will be temperatures only making it into the 40s on Sunday. While this will be warm enough for liquid rain showers during the day, by Sunday night, if there is enough moisture left the showers may transition to snow showers. While it would be no surprise to see some falling snowflakes, seeing accumulating snow will be a bit more difficult. At the moment, it appears that Kingston and areas closer to the river could see a light coating of snow Sunday/Sunday night, with better chances for greater accumulations (up to an inch or two) across western Ulster County from Ellenville to Woodstock. We'll see how Sunday unfolds. Temperatures Sunday night should fall to around 30; extensive black ice is not expected to be an issue.

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