Drought Warning Declared

Water Levels Fall;
Drought Warning Declared
Tuesday November 18th

The ongoing drought has continued to worsen across the area. Within the past week water levels at Cooper Lake, Kingston's main reservoir, have fallen to 65%. This is down from 70% at the beginning of the month, and 75% in mid-October. As a result, the City of Kingston has declared a "Drought Warning". At the current rate more severe "Drought Emergency" could be declared by the end of December. Only two emergencies have been declared since 1980 [Link].

"Warning" vs. "Emergency"

The current Drought Warning does not carry mandatory restrictions for water users. The public is asked to voluntarily conserve water, while businesses are asked to reduce their water use by 15%. Should a Drought Emergency be declared, all non-essential water use would be banned and businesses would be mandated to reduce water use by 25%.


Caption: Cooper Lake was at 70% capacity on November 1st.


Caption: [October rainfall] was closer to normal than September, however, Cooper Lake water levels have continued to fall due to city demand.

Please consider ways to
reduce your personal water use.

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