That's A Wrap!

With a grand total of 11.7 inches of snow, this winter ended up being by far the least snowy of the past decade here in Kingston. It was also interesting to note that April was by far the snowiest month of the winter.

While Kingston Snows' records only go back to 2005, the snowfall records at Mohonk Lake go back to 1896. There this past winter fell just short of the least snowy on record with 15.3 inches recorded. The least snowy winter at the lake remains 1988-1989 when a mere 14.2 inches fell.


Image 1: A break-down of this year's snowfall by individual snow event and by month. It is interesting to note that nearly half of this winter's snow fell in April.


Image 2: A comparison of all Kingston winters since 2005. The red
line depicts this winter. You can click »Here« for a full size image.

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