Monday January 19 2015

Rather calm week ahead
Last Updated:
9:00PM Monday
January 19, 2015

School Forecast For:
Tuesday through Friday
Two Hour Delay No School Early Dismissal
0% 0% 0%

Forecast Overview
Last Updated: 9:00PM January 19th

9:00PM Monday

Overall, the upcoming week looks rather calm.
There doesn't appear to be any notable temperature swings or major storms. Afternoon temperatures should generally run in the upper 20s to upper 30s through the week. We could see some mid-week flurries or snow showers on Thursday.

Quick-Forecast Table
AM Temp
PM Temp
Condition Confidence
Monday --
- -- --
Tuesday 21 to 26 26 to 31 Clear High
Wednesday 11 to 16 24 to 29 Partly Cloudy
Thursday 20 to 25
30 to 35
Flurries High
Friday 16 to 26
30 to 40
Partly Cloudy
20 to 30
25 to 35
Partly Cloudy Low
Sunday 10 to 20
20 to 30
Last Updated: 9:00PM January 19, 2015
Kingstonsnows Text Forecast
Last Updated: 9:00PM January 19th

Tuesday and Wednesday

No significant weather anticipated.
Temperatures: mid teens to upper 20s


Flurries or snow showers possible.
Temperatures: lower 20s to lower 30s

Friday and Saturday

No significant weather anticipated.
Temperatures: lower 20s to mid 30s.

Long-range school impact (probability)
The long range impact is a general outlook, and is not a specific forecast.
Day (Date) Delay Cancellation E.D. Confidence
Monday (Jan. 19) -- -- -- --
Tuesday (Jan. 20) None
None None
Wednesday (Jan. 21) None
None None High
Thursday (Jan. 22) None None
None High
Friday (Jan. 23) None None None High
Last Updated: 9:00PM January 19, 2015

January Photo of the Month
Snowman on the rim of the Grand Canyon

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