Thursday January 8 2015

Light snow tomorrow morning

Last Updated:
10:00PM Thursday
January 8, 2014

School Forecast For:
Friday January 9th
Two Hour Delay No School Early Dismissal
30% 40% 0%

Forecast Overview
Last Updated: 10:00PM January 8th

10:00PM Update

Latest radar suggests that snow may develop slightly earlier… around 2AM perhaps. If this is the case, then snow will also taper off slightly earlier… as a result have increased delay probabilities slightly, however, overall thinking remains largely unchanged:

Expecting light snow to develop prior to sunrise.
Snow should continue for about five hours. Expecting about an inch or so of snow accumulation. Temperatures will be well below freezing, so the snow should be very powdery. Powdery snow tends to "cake" on roadways and become very slick. Regardless of school impacts, if you have to go out tomorrow morning, take it slow and use caution.

8:00PM Thursday

A weak system will move through the area early tomorrow morning. This system will likely bring with it light snow, generally on the order of an inch or so. Due to the combination of timing and very cold temperatures, this storm has the potential to cause school impacts.

Expect snow to develop between 4AM and 5AM.
Snow should taper off between 8AM and 9AM.
Temperatures will be in the mid-teens, so we will see very powdery snow that does not have any trouble sticking to all surfaces. Powdery snow tends to "cake" on to roadways and become very slick. At the moment, accumulations look to be around an inch or so.

As far as school impacts, this event seems most comparable to two of last winter's cancellations …November 26th and January 10th. These two cancellations both resulted from half an inch of snow. Both featured snow start times around 4AM, end times between 7AM and 9AM, and temperatures well below freezing.

We'll see how the radar looks at 10PM,
and have any adjustments by then.

Quick-Forecast Table
AM Temp PM Temp Condition Confidence
Monday 20 to 25 22 to 27 AM Clouds High
Tuesday 13 to 17 20 to 25 Snow Showers High
Wednesday 10 to 15 20 to 25 Mostly Cloudy High
Thursday -5 to 5 15 to 25 Mostly Cloudy High
Friday 15 to 20 20 to 30 Snow Showers Medium
Saturday 15 to 25 20 to 30 Sunny Low
Sunday 20 to 30 20 to 30 Partly Cloudy Low
Last Updated: 1:00AM January 5, 2015
Kingstonsnows Text Forecast
Last Updated: 1:00AM January 5th


A chance of light snow showers, mainly between 11AM and 3PM. Any accumulations should be under an inch. Temperatures in the teens to lower 20s.

Wednesday through Friday

Cold. Breezy conditions on Wednesday will blow in the coldest conditions of the season so far. Temperatures on Wednesday look to remain mainly in the teens to low 20s.

For Thursday morning, we will likely be right around zero degrees, and windchills may approach the negative teens. Expect windchills to remain in the single digets to low teens throughout the day.

Friday will be slightly warmer with temperatures ranging from the upper teens to around 30. Winds will likely make it feel five to ten degrees colder than the forecast temperatures each day.

Saturday and Sunday

No significant Weather anticipated.

Long-range school impact (probability)
The long range impact is a general outlook, and is not a specific forecast.
Day (Date) Delay Cancellation E.D. Confidence
Monday (Jan. 5) None None None High
Tuesday (Jan. 6) None None Low High
Wednesday (Jan. 7) None None None High
Thursday (Jan. 8) Low None None High
Friday (Jan. 9) None None None High
Last Updated: 1:00AM January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!!


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