Saturday February 22 2014

Gradual cool down

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8:00PM Saturday
February 22, 2014

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Monday February 24th

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Brief Overview
Last Updated: 8:00PM Feb. 22nd

8:30PM Saturday

Today's high maxed out at 52 degrees in Poughkeepsie. This was the highest temperature of the year since January 12th when we reached 53. Poughkeepsie reached 60 on January 11th… difficult to remember with all the winter weather in the past few weeks, isn't it?

Today's warmth was due to the simply massive low pressure that brought us rain yesterday. The low, which is now over southeastern Canada is drawing streams of warm southern air and cold Canadian air across the country; today we were in the warm southern stream.

As the low pulls away over the next few days, we will come under increasing influence of the colder northern stream of air. The result will be a steady decrease in temperatures over the coming week. Temperatures will probably be at their coldest around Wednesday with highs in the lower to mid 20's.

Weather-wise… a slight chance of some light snow or rain shower activity during the day tomorrow. Sunday night into Monday morning has been showing potential for some nuisance snowfall. The trends haven't really been consistent with any precipitation for the next 48 hours, but right now, it wouldn't be a complete surprise to see up to an inch or so of snow Sunday night into Monday. We'll see how the picture looks tomorrow.


Kingstonsnows Extended Forecast
Last Updated: 8:45AM Feb. 17th
Next Update: Sunday February 23rd

Forecast at a glance
- AM °F PM °F Weather Timing Confidence
Tuesday 16 to 21 30 to 35 Snow: 2 to 5" 5AM - 2PM High
18 to 23 32 to 37 Partly cloudy
Thursday 20 to 25 32 to 37 Some Clouds PM High
Friday 30 to 35 47 to 52 Rain showers
AM Medium
Saturday 25 to 30 33 to 38 Clear - Medium
Sunday 25 to 35 35 to 45 Some Clouds - Medium
Monday 26 to 36 30 to 40 Flurries AM/PM Low


Mainly between 5AM and 2PM.
Accumulations of 2 to 5 inches possible.
Lows in the upper teens.
Highs in the lower 30's.


Periods of clouds.
A chance of flurries or snow showers.
No accumulation anticipated.
Lows around 20.
Highs in the mid 30's.


Mostly clear with increasing PM clouds.
Lows in the lower 20's.
Highs in the mid 30's.


A chance of rain showers in the morning.
Steady rain likely in the afternoon.
Lows in the lower 30s.
Highs close to 50.


Mostly clear.
Lows in the upper 20's.
Highs in the mid 30's.


Clear early,
then increasing clouds.
Temperatures ranging from the lower 20's
to the upper 30's.


Mostly cloudy,
A chance of snow showers.
Temperatures ranging from the upper 20's
to around 40.

Long-range school impact (probability)
The long range impact is a general outlook, and is not a specific forecast.
Day (Date) Delay
Cancellation E.D.
Monday (17) None
Tuesday (18) Low
Low Medium
Wednesday (19) None
None High
Thursday (20) None
None None High
Friday (21) None
None Medium
Long range impact last Updated: 4:00PM February 15th

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