The Big Picture

The season so far

February 17, 2014

This image is a chart of Kingston winters since 2004-2005 when the continuous Kingston Snows recordings begin. The time axis is broken down into seven day periods, beginning with November 1st. The most snow in one season has been 72.3 inches in '04-'05. The least was 22.0 inches in '11-'12.

Thanks to the latest major storm, the current winter (red line) is well into uncharted territory. When we reached 57.7 inches on February 14th, we pulled well ahead of all the other year-to-date seasons. Including Saturday's 1.3 inches, the current season is up to 59 inches. 2013-2014 will end with either the greatest or second greatest snow total of at least the last ten years.

Looking ahead, we'll have tomorrow's snow to add. By the second half of next week, an approaching system will surge our temperatures into the 40's. We could be edging 50 by Friday. Accompanied by the warmth will be the chance of rain showers on Friday.

There are no significant snowfalls on the horizon.

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