Wednesday February 12, 2014

All systems go for yet another major snow

Last Updated:
10:20PM Wednesday
February 12, 2014

School Forecast For:
Thursday February 12th
Two Hour Delay No School Early Dismissal
0% 90% 10%
Brief Overview
Last Updated: 10:20PM Feb. 12th

10:20PM Wednesday

Everything looks set.
Looking for snow to start before 7AM,
with possibly an inch on the ground by that time.

Snow will continue throughout the day Thursday and into Thursday night. Still looking for the 7 to 13 inches. Can't rule out higher totals.

This storm is well poised to be a double snow day, possibly giving many a five day weekend. I will issue Friday probabilities tomorrow.

10:40AM Wednesday

Forecast models came into better agreement overnight. This is looking more and more like a repeat of last week's storm. Also, it appears that while most of the snow will fall on Thursday, snow will likely linger past midnight into early Friday morning.

Start time: between 4am and 7am Thursday
End time: between 12am and 7am Friday
Accumulations: 7 to 13 inches

I will note that 24 hours is an unusually long duration for a coastal storm, so I wouldn't be completely surprised to see snow taper off by midnight. If this is the case, then totals will be lower… generally 5 to 10 inches. Snow that lingers past midnight would likely result in an extra two or three inches… giving the total 7 to 13 inch range.

Kingston has used 8 snow days so far this winter.
The record most over the past ten years has been 9.


Regardless of the exact storm totals, the big picture is that snow will fall during the day on Thursday creating hazardous impacts.

I will have final comments by 10PM tonight.

Kingstonsnows Extended Forecast
Last Updated: 8:30PM Feb. 11th
Forecast at a glance
- Weather Timing Confidence
Wednesday Partly cloudy - High
Thursday Snow: 4 to 8" AM/PM Medium
Friday Possible snow AM Medium
Saturday Mostly cloudy - Medium
Sunday Some clouds - Medium


Some clouds.
Clouds increasing during the evening.


Some clouds, and colder.
Temperatures ranging from the lower teens
to lower 20s.


A chance of snow before 7AM.
Mostly cloudy skies.


Mostly cloudy.
A slight chance of a snow shower.


Some clouds,
mainly during the afternoon.

Increasing clouds.
Snow possible during the evening.


Mostly clouds.
Snow possible during the morning.

Long-range school impact (probability)
The long range impact is a general outlook, and is not a specific forecast.
Day (Date) Delay Cancellation E.D. Confidence
Monday (17) None None None Low
Tuesday (18) Low Medium None Low
Wednesday (12) None None None High
Thursday (13) None High Low High
Friday (14) Medium Low None Medium
Long range impact last Updated: 8:20PM February 11th

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