Sunday January 5, 2014

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10:00PM Sunday
January 5, 2014

School Forecast For:
Monday January 6th

Two Hour Delay No School Early Dismissal
30% 0% 0%

Brief Overview
Last Updated: 10:00PM Jan. 5th

10:00PM Sunday

As of 10PM, freezing mist and drizzle has continued to make side roads slick. Radar indicates intermittent periods of moderate rainfall through the next few hours, with the steadier rainfall arriving around 2AM. Temperatures are gradually beginning to rise, and there is not much change to the forecast thinking for tonight.

Still expecting roads to improve late tonight, however, based on the current state of the side roads in the Kingston area, I have increased the delay probabilities. Again, black ice is difficult to forecast… if for some reason the steady rainfall is delayed or weaker than anticipated by the time it arrives, this will result in less melting.

7:00PM Sunday

Expect drizzle and periodic light rain to continue this evening. A steadier rain should arrive sometime around midnight, and may last through the morning.

Temperatures should gradually rise into the upper 30s tonight, and into the lower 40s tomorrow morning. Cold front moves through early tomorrow afternoon dropping temperatures back to freezing by mid afternoon. Monday night temperatures should bottom out close to zero.

Expecting road conditions to largely improve once the steadier rain moves in, but black ice and the associated slick conditions are difficult to anticipate… hence, the chance delay probabilities. Black Ice will again be a concern Monday evening into Tuesday morning as a result of flash freezing from tomorrow's runoff.

Cold air looks to last through Thursday.
There is still the potential for a weak system to produce some light snow across the area Thursday night.

I have updated the "Kingstonsnows Extras" tab with a discussion on the rest of the winter season as it relates to Kingston's spring break.

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Kingstonsnows Forecast
Last Updated: 4:00PM Jan. 3rd

Forecast at a glance
- AM Temp PM Temp Weather Timing Confidence
Saturday -10 to -5 18 to 23 Clear - High
Sunday 10 to 15 33 to 40 Mix to Rain P.M. High
Monday 42 to 47 15 to 20 Rain A.M. Medium
Tuesday -10 to 0 5 to 15 Clear - Medium
Wednesday 0 to 10 15-20 Clear - Medium
Thursday 10 to 20 20 to 30 Snow P.M. Low
Friday 15 to 25 20 to 30 Snow A.M. Low


Generally clear.
Morning lows of -10 to -5.
Afternoon highs in the upper teens to lower 20s.


Increasing clouds,
A slight chance of sleet or ice during the afternoon.
Plain rain likely during the evening.

Temperatures rising from the lower teens,
into the mid to upper 30s by midnight.


Rain, especially during the early mornign.
A chance of snow as the rain tapers
off during the early afternoon.
Up to half an inch of rain,
less than half an inch of snow.

Temperatures falling from the lower to mid 40s,
to around freezing by during the afternoon,
to the upper teens by the evening.


Generally clear, but bitterly cold.
Morning temperatures as low as -10.
Rising into the upper singles or lower teens.


Generally clear, not quite as cold.
Temperatures ranging from 0 to the upper teens.


Cloudy with snow possible after noon.
Snow developing through the evening.
Light evening accumulations possible.

Morning temperatures in the teens.
Afternoon temperatures in the 20s.


A chance of snow in the morning.
Clearing skies for the afternoon.

Temperatures ranging from the
mid teens to the upper 20s.

Long-range school impact (probability)
The long range impact is a general outlook, and is not a specific forecast.
Day (Date) Delay Cancellation E.D. Confidence
Monday (06) None
Tuesday (07) None None None High
Wednesday (08) None None None High
Thursday (09) None None None Medium
Friday (10) Medium
None Low

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