Sunday November 24, 2013

Mid-week storm

10:00 A.M. Sunday November 24, 2013

School Forecast for:
Monday November 25th

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Very chilly air across the region today.
Lastnight's arctic cold front that moved through knocked temperatures down quite a bit. Temperatures in Poughkeepsie at 12AM yesterday were around 52 degrees, by 9AM this morning temperatures had fallen to 23 degrees with a windchill of just 8 degrees.

Many areas saw at least some form of snow showers last night.
In Kingston, there were reports of snow showers and flurries, with a solid light coating. Out toward Woodstock there were reports of snow squalls that limited visibility and coated roads. I was in Long Island last night and even they had some strong snow squalls that coated roads.

Looking at the upcoming week:
A coastal storm will bring potentially heavy precipitation Tuesday into Wednesday. As of right now, this storm looks to be mainly rain with some wintry precipitation possible.

The following represents the latest National Weather Service forecast.

Sunny, cold, and breezy.
High around 28. Wind chill not getting out of the teens.
Temperatures falling into the teens this evening.
Evening wind chills falling into the single digets.

Mainly Sunny.
Increasing clouds afternoon.
Morning lows around 12 degrees.
Afternoon high around 33 degrees.
Calm winds.

A slight chance of snow showers before 7AM.
A 50% chance of snow showers after 7AM,
changing to plain rain showers after 10AM.
Light rain likely after noon.
Rain, or a wintry mix, possible after 7PM.

Morning temperatures in the lower 20's,
rising into the upper 30's for the afternoon and overnignt.

Rain, possibly heavy at times.
Rain tapering off during the later afternoon.
Morning temperatures in the upper 30's,
climbing into the upper 40's.

A chance of rain or snow showers Wednesday
night as the storm departs.

Thursday and Friday
Mostly clear skies.
Highs around 32 degrees.
Overnight lows in the upper teens.

Right now, this system looks to me mainly rain, and it is unclear
if there will actually be any snow accumulation.

The most likely time period of snow at this time is Tuesday morning as the storm begings. Snow during this time period will depend mainly on how quickly the storm is able to move into our area. An earlier storm, with precipitation beginning before 7AM, will have more access to colder air.

Tuesday evening, may bring another opportunity for snow, however, it is again unclear if surface temperatures will be cold enough to allow any actual accumulations. Right now, it appears that any accumulations Tuesday evening will likely melt before Wednesday morning.

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