Wednesday February 6, 2013

All eyes on Friday

6:30PM Wednesday February 6, 2013

School Forecast for:
Friday February 8, 2013
Two-hour Delay Cancellation Early Dismissal
0% 40% 10%

All eyes are now on a major storm system that is forecast to impact us on Friday.

In the world of Kingston weather there are two separate jet streams: the northern, and the southern.The northern circulates across southern Canada, and is responsible for bringing us cold dry storms, like the weak dustings we've been receiving lately. The southern — or subtropical jet— runs just south of the US, and is responsible for wet, warm storms, like the heavy rain that fell two weeks ago.

Occasionally, these two jet streams will "phase". When this happens, they both merge into each other, and the cold north air combines with very moist southern air. The result is the formation of a disturbance, known here as a nor'easter.

This Friday the northern and southern jets are setting up to phase into one of those nor'easters —one that will strongly effect us.


Mostly cloudy.
High 26, low 5.
Increasing clouds throughout the day.


A chance of snow after 12AM.
Then, snow likely after 6AM.
2 to 4 inches possible by 7PM.

Heavy snow in the evening.
An additional 4 to 8 inches possible by 7AM Saturday.
High 31, low 21.

Wind gusts as high as 30mph possible Friday night.
100% chance of snow.


Snow before 6AM.
A chance of snow before noon.
Total accumulations of 6 to 12 inches.
High of 25, Low of 18.
High 36, low 5.

The forecast could fluctuate some over the next 48 hours. The main aspect to monitor will be the start time… a delay in the storm of about 6 hours could mean the difference between an early dismissal and a cancellation.

I will post a listing of some of the largest Kingston snowstorms of the 21st century tomorrow afternoon.

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