Thursday June 21, 2012

More seasonable weather on tap

10:30P.M. Thursday June 21, 2012

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The wave of intense heat is now diminishing, and will be replaced by more seasonable air in the coming days.

Yesterday the high temperature topped officially out at 96 degrees in Poughkeepsie yesterday. That was high enough to break the record of 95 set previously in 1952. The bigger story, however, was the heat indexes. Combined with the humidity, the "real-feel" temperature was well over 100 degrees. Poughkeepsie reported a maximum heat index of 104 degrees, but several smaller stations in the Kingston area reported heat indexes as high as 115 degrees!

Today was just as hot. The temperature again officially peaked at 96 degrees today in Poughkeepsie.. just one degree short of the record set in 1949. The one positive thing about today, however, was that the humidity was slightly lower. As a result heat indexes "only" peaked at 99 Poughkeepsie, and around 109 at the unofficial stations in the Kingston area.

A cold front will begin to shift through the region tomorrow. The high will top out around 89 or 90, and we could see a few thunderstorms go off during the afternoon and evening hours. There is currently a 40% chance of scattered thunderstorms.

The weekend looks fair for the most part.. partly cloudy.
Highs will be in the mid 80s both Saturday and Sunday.

Heading into next week.. looking at a 50% chance of rain and thunderstorms on Monday.

Temperatures will be notably cooler next week with highs remaining in the 70's through Thursday.

A screen shot of an unofficial temperature report of 97.2 with a heat index of 115 on June 20 in Kingston.tumblr_m6009lDTDY1qzzfddo2_1280.png
A map of observed high temperatures for June 20, 2012. Note that temperatures of 90+ essentially covered more than half of the continental United States.
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