Wednesday June 20, 2012

Summer starts off Hot

7:15A.M. Wednesday June 20, 2012

School Forecast For:
Monday through Friday
Two-Hour Delay Cancellation Early Dismissal
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7:15AM Update

The heat advisory has been upgraded to an excessive heat warning.
Temperatures are now forecast to climb to 100 with heat indexes of up to 110 today.

Thursday is forecast to top out at 99, with indexes of up to 105.
If the current forecast verifies, today's record will be smashed by five degrees, and tomorrow's by two degrees.

Some additional perspective:
since autumn 2006, we have only surpassed 100 degrees on three days, two of which were consecutive.

102 on July 22, 2011
101 on July 7, 2010
102 on July 6, 2010

The most reliable all-time record high for Kingston/Poughkeepsie is also 102.

4:00PM Tuesday Update

A high pressure across the region will produce hot and humid conditions Wednesday and Thursday. Heat advisories are currently in effect from Virginia through Maine, including the Hudson Valley.

The forecast high for tomorrow is currently 96, with a heat index of 101.. this is one degree above the record of 95 set in 1953.
A high of 97 is currently forecast for Thursday with a heat index around 101 again.. this would tie the record of 97 set in 1949.
The average mid-June high is 80 degrees.

The extreme heat will not last too long. On Friday a cold front is expected to pass through the region bring temperatures back to seasonable levels. Temperatures of 82 to 84 are forecast for Friday and Saturday. Sunday and Monday are currently forecast to top out at 79 degrees.

The east coast isn't the only place experiencing record temperatures. Yesterday ended up being one of the hottest days in Colorado history. Denver recorded a record high of 100 degrees on Monday, but the town of Wray recorded a record high of 109 which was just one degree short of its all-time record high for any month, set in July 1934. The 109 degree reading at Wray was also only five degrees short of the all-time record high state record of 114 set on July 25, 1952.
Other parts of the state surpassed 100 degrees as well.

In contrast to our relatively mild heatwave, the Colorado heat has been dry. As a result Colorado has been dealing with a series of wildfires since last week. The current forecast for Wray calls for a bit of relief tomorrow and Thursday as temperatures fall back into the mid 80's, however temperatures will likely rebound to near 100 Saturday through Monday.

The average high this time of year in Northeastern Colorado, where Wray is located, is 84 degrees.

Summer officially begins tomorrow,

Wednesday, June 20 at 7:09 P.M.

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