Friday April 20, 2012

Weekend Rainstorm

11:30A.M. Friday April 20, 2012

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This week's drought evaluation still places the Mid Hudson Valley under a moderate drought; however, a storm this weekend will bring some much needed rain.

Rain should develop during the late morning or early afternoon on Saturday, and persist into Sunday morning. There may be a lull in the precipitation late Sunday morning into Sunday afternoon, however, a steadier rain should redevelop Sunday evening. Rain should fall Sunday night into Monday afternoon.

As far as precipitation amounts, we will likely be looking at around half an inch of rain Saturday into Sunday morning, followed by another inch and a half Sunday into Monday. Total rainfall will likely exceed two inches by Monday evening. There is just a 30% chance of showers lingering into Tuesday.

Temperatures will run in the 70's today and Saturday. By Sunday, highs should drop down into the 50's, with lows in the 40's. Temperatures should slowly moderate back up into the 60's by Thursday.

Some interesting precipitation notes:

* the last appreciable rain across the Mid Hudson Valley was the 0.41 inches that fell March 31 into April 1… nearly three weeks ago.

* The last time we had a storm that dropped over half an inch of precipitation was on February 29/March 1… over 50 days ago.

* The last time we had a rainstorm that dropped over an inch of precipitation was December 7, which was 135 days ago.

* Since April 1, we've received 0.26 inches, which represents a deficit of 2.16 inches, and 11% of normal.

* Since March 1, we've received 1.45 inches, which represents a deficit of 4.54 inches, and 29% of normal.

* Since January 1, we've received 5.06 inches, which represents a deficit of 6.67 inches, and 47% of normal.

Figure 1: The current extent of the drought.

We received a total of 2.69 inches of rain during the December 7th storm, the last rainfall greater than that was the 5.55 inches that fell between September 5th and 8th, following tropical storm Lee. If this weekend's storm exceeds one inch, it will be our greatest storm since December 7. If this weekend's storm exceeds 2.69 inches, it will be out greatest storm since September 8th… 225 days ago.

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