Monday March 19, 2012

Record Heat to end the "winter"

5:30P.M. Monday March 19, 2012

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Today officially marks the last day of winter, and to celebrate we are in the mists of one of the most significant March heatwaves on record.

Last Monday, the temperature in Poughkeepsie, New York reached 72 degrees setting a new record for the date. After a brief cool down, the heat is now back and is even stronger.
Poughkeepsie, New York heat records dating back to 1949:
March 18: 72 Degrees 2011 (Observed: 73 Degrees 2012)
March 19: 70 Degrees 2010 (Currently: 78 Degrees 2012)
March 20: 74 Degrees 1976 (Current forecast high 78)
March 21: 70 Degrees 2010 (Current forecast high 79)
March 22: 71 Degrees 1979 (Current forecast high 83)
Normal high: Upper 40s. Normal low: Mid 20s

Temperatures in Kingston are expected to be a degree or two cooler than Poughkeepsie, but the bottom line is that the entire mid-Hudson Valley will be looking are a spectacular string of record breaking heat this week.This weeks temperatures are characteristic of mid-June.

By Friday, the pattern should even out a bit, and we will likely be looking at daily high temperatures in the 60's for the remainder of the month.. still a good 10 degrees above average, but below record values.

Looking down the road into this summer, I would expect for the extreme weather pattern that we have been experiencing to even out a bit. That is to say, this summer should be closer to average, but likely a bit on the warmer side. I also believe that due to the lack of snowcover this winter and the current pattern, this summer may start off drier than normal with an elevated chance for at least one notable heatwave heading into the latter portion of June and July.

Winter 2011-2012 Snowfall Statistics

* Season total: 21.50 inches
* First: October 29, 2011
* Latest: March 02, 2012
* October: 5.70 inches
* November: 0.00 inches
* December: 0.00 inches
* January: 6.50 inches
* February: 8.45 inches
* March: 0.85 inches.
* Two-hour delays: 2*
* Early dismissals: 1
* Cancellations: 2*

*Not including the cancellation and two delays from Hurricane Irene in September.

History of Kingston Snowstorms

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