Monday March 19, 2012

Last Day Of Winter

12:00A.M. Monday March 19, 2012

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Today officially marks the last day of winter.
Overall, this winter was very unusual, and was likely the least snowy winter on record in the Mid-Hudson Valley, and one of the warmest. This was also the 3rd least-snowy and 4th warmest winter on record for the entire nation.

Now that winter is over, the nation is still dealing with a divided weather patter that has been bringing record warmth to the eastern parts of the country, and heavy snows out west. This pattern will result in a brief return to temperatures in the mid 70's for us, likely followed by more seasonable air as we head into April.

Looking down the road into this summer, I would expect for the extreme weather pattern that we have been experiencing to even out a bit. That is to say, this summer should be closer to average, but likely a bit on the warmer side. I also believe that due to the lack of snowcover this winter and the current pattern, this summer may start off drier than normal with an elevated chance for at least one heatwave during June and July.

I do not foresee any additional weather related closings until next winter season; however, I will post special updates should any significant weather events occur.

Winter 2011-2012 Snowfall Statistics

* Season total: 21.50 inches
* First: October 29, 2011
* Latest: March 02, 2012
* October: 5.70 inches
* November: 0.00 inches
* December: 0.00 inches
* January: 6.50 inches
* February: 8.45 inches
* March: 0.85 inches.
* Two-hour delays: 2*
* Early dismissals: 1
* Cancellations: 2*

*Not including the cancellation and two delays from Hurricane Irene in September.

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