Monday March 26, 2012

Cold snap breeds fire weather

10:00P.M. Monday March 26, 2012

Welcome to Kingston Snows!!

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Our March heatwave has definitely ended, and we are now experiencing a rather intense cold snap. Temperatures tonight will fall back into the lower 20's and possibly some upper teens. Tomorrow we'll make it up into the lower 40's. While this is a significant change from last week, large temperature swings are fairly common for March, and tonight's temperatures are not too extraordinary.

Temperatures will moderate to about seasonal levels by Wednesday- - a little above seasonal actually. Highs will be in the mid 50's for the rest of the week, and lows will be in the mid 30's. We could see some rain showers Wednesday or Wednesday night.

It is interesting to note that the Kingston area really hasn't had any measurable rain/snow in over three weeks- - the last notable precipitation that we had was back on March 2ed. This year we have only picked up about 5 inches of precipitation, which is about 4 inches below normal. As I mentioned in a previous update, it is likely that this summer will start off drier than normal.

The National Weather Service has actually issued a Fire Weather Watch for eastern New York which is in effect for Tuesday. A combination of gusty winds and extremely low humidities accompanying the cold air will create favorable fire conditions tomorrow. Tomorrow is a bad day to have a bonfire.

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While today's cool snap isn't too uncommon here in the Hudson Valley, It could have significant impacts elsewhere. Freezing temperatures will extend from Indiana all the way into parts of North Carolina- - places where the growing season has already begun. Agriculture could take a hard hit. has a post relating specifically to this.

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