Thursday March 1 2012

Better days ahead

9:30P.M. Thursday March 1, 2012

Welcome to Kingston Snows!!

School Forecast For:
Friday March 2, 2012
Two-Hour Delay Cancellation Early Dismissal
0% 0% 0%
9:30PM Update

Flurries and very light snow showers are the results of residual moisture associated with a departing low pressure, and should subside after midnight. Accumulation is not anticipated, even if they linger longer.

After three months of on and off spring-like weather, winter finally managed to ramp up in the past week. The winter pandemonium of late, however, may have been the grand finale to this troubled season.

Partly cloudy with clouds increasing late in the day.
Rain developing after 9PM
High of 44. Low of 35.

Thunder possible during the morning.
Expect complete snow melt.
High of 57. Overnight low of 27.

Partly cloudy.
High of 46. Low of 24.

The forecast for the next week, does not indicate any potential snowstorms, and after a brief shot of cooler air coming out of this weekend, temperatures are expected to climb a little bit each day next week. Over the last seven years, four winters have ended during the first week of March, one has ended during the second week of March, and two have ended during the third week of March. Given the current 7-day forecast, and the mild nature of this winter, I would say that there is a 70% chance that the last appreciable snow of the season has just fallen.

Winter 2011-2012 Snowfall Statistics

Season total: 20.90 inches
First: October 29, 2011
Latest: March 01, 2012
October: 5.70 inches
November: 0.00 inches
December: 0.00 inches
January: 6.50 inches
February: 8.45 inches
March: 0.25 inches.
Two-hour delays: 2*
Early dismissals: 1
Cancellations: 2*

*Not including the cancellation and two delays from Hurricane Irene in September.

Enjoy the snow while it's out there, because after
it's gone it may not be coming back.

Next Update:
Sunday Afternoon

History of Kingston Snowstorms

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