Monday January 16, 2012

Wintry Mix tonight

8:00 A.M. Monday January 16, 2012

Welcome to Kingston Snows!!

School Forecast For:
Tuesday January 17, 2012
Two-Hour Delay Cancellation Early Dismissal

A low pressure system will approach from the west this evening. This will spread a round of precipitation into the area tonight into Tuesday. Based on the current forecasts, there is a 20% chance of a delay tomorrow morning.

Today, temperatures are starting off in the single digits. Temperatures will gradually warm to about 31 this afternoon. Clouds will begin to increase after dark. This evening into tonight, temperatures will fall back to around 29 before midnight and then gradually rise throughout the night.

Snow will begin to develop between 10PM and midnight and mix with sleet and freezing rain at times. The extent of mixing will depend on the intensity- heavier precipitation will produce more snow, while lighter rates will produce more of a mix. We'll start to see a change over to rain between 4AM and 5AM. Rain will continue into the early afternoon on Tuesday.

Overall snow amounts look to be no more than an inch by 4AM Tuesday morning.

Interestingly enough, this is nearly the exact same forecast as last Thursday's storm in which we had half an inch of snowfall between 2AM and 4AM, followed by a change over to rain.

The main difference is that all surfaces will be cold by the time the snow begins to fall tonight, as we will not breach the freezing mark today, so snow should stick rather easily. The main deciding factor will be: how much snow is washed away after the 4AM/5AM change over to rain. With slightly higher snow amounts forecast and rather light morning rain rates, tomorrow morning's prospects of a delay seem slightly higher than last week's. Temperatures will moderate to 35 degrees by 8AM Tuesday.

Based on the current forecasts, a delay is possible tomorrow, but is not yet likely. I will have an update by 6PM tonight.

Next Update:
6PM Tonight.

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